24 Tweets About Pumpkin Spice That'll Make You Nod So Hard, Your Neck Will Ache

Ahhh, Fall! 'Tis the season for candles, scarves, Halloween movies, falling leaves, and . . . seemingly endless jokes about how "basic" pumpkin spice flavor is. And we have to ask: why the hate? Sure, we're open to the idea of new Fall flavors to break up the pumpkin craze a bit, but what did pumpkin flavor ever do to hurt anybody? Nobody is forcing you to eat it!

This year in particular, there's been a huge anti-pumpkin-spice movement on social media — heck, there will probably be comments on this post talking smack about PSLs — and it seems like some pumpkin fans have finally had enough.

There's no shame in enjoying an orange-tinted coffee or in buying pumpkin- and nutmeg-infused bagels! So what if you want to order a PSL from Starbucks while wearing UGG boots and an infinity scarf?! Why does everybody harbor such anger toward an innocent autumnal flavor? Why not channel this anger toward a more deserving food faux pas, like pineapple on pizza or guacamole made with mayonnaise? USE YOUR POWER FOR GOOD, AMERICA!

We've rounded up the best tweets and posts from people embracing their pumpkin spice pride and standing up against the "basic" pumpkin hate. Prepare to nod so hard your PSL-loving head will fall off . . . thank goodness for that scarf, eh?

StockSnap | Dan Howard

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