Disney's New Frozen Treat Is Basically a Mimosa Ice Cream Float, and I'm Fully Salivating

Disney is hopping on the millennial lingo bandwagon with a new treat dubbed the "FOMOsa" — yep, that's a hybrid of FOMO (aka Fear of Missing Out) and mimosa (aka the beloved brunch beverage). Disney World's new frozen dessert offers a swirl of Dole whip served over sparkling apple cider in a plastic champagne flute, making for a midday pick-me-up that just begs for a hand-in-air, pinky-up photo in front of Cinderella's castle. Although the float technically isn't alcoholic like the Disney parks' other recent boozy releases, you do have the option to punch it up with a more tart flavor by subbing in the orange-citrus swirl Dole whip.

The new FOMOsa is now available for $6 at the Sunshine Tree Terrace in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, and judging by the photos we've seen so far, it's already causing widespread FOMO, both in the parks and on social media. A word of advice: scarf down that ice cream quickly before the scorching Florida sun causes a serious sticky finger situation!