Even If You're Not a Chef, Every Woman Can Likely Relate to the Powerful Trailer For Her Name Is Chef

Looking for a riveting title to add to the queue? Her Name Is Chef is a new feature documentary that takes a much-needed deep dive into the restaurant industry and the (far too few) women in it. This thought-provoking film highlights six women who are fighting for equality in the mostly male-dominated industry. Built around the story of Pakistani American executive chef Fatima Ali, who died in 2019 from a rare form of cancer, this documentary explores how women are seen in the food-based profession and what it takes for them to achieve their success. "Why do I have to be labeled as a female chef?" Esther Choi asks in the film's trailer. "I'm just a chef."

In the film, host Leia Gaccione sits down with Esther, Elizabeth Falkner, Fatima, Hillary Sterling, Juliet Masters, and Caroline Schiff to uncover what it means to be a woman in the restaurant business, the ups and downs of each one's career path, and, ultimately, the importance of supporting women in every step of their lives. An inspiring, emotional, infuriating, and powerful documentary, Her Name Is Chef is a must watch for those who want to learn more about gender equality and the people pioneering for it. Stream the new documentary on iTunes, Amazon, Vimeo on Demand, and Virtual Cinema now.