We're Lovin' This Classy Birthday Photo Shoot Involving McDonald's and Wine

For her 30th birthday, Kayla Walker decided to treat herself with a glamorous photo shoot. Her classy pictures, however, weren't complete without some McDonald's cheeseburgers and wine. On Instagram, Kayla shared pictures of her refreshingly real shoot and said, "Because I'm classy as eff . . . and you only turn 30 once."

Photographed by Tricia Moskal, the shoot featured bags upon bags of McDonald's burgers and fries, an affordable bottle of Two Oceans wine, and even a makeshift burger cake! Empty french fry boxes were also neatly hung up on the wall. Digital Art Designs provided the festive birthday poster that artfully displays fast facts about Kayla, including her favorite food. In case you hadn't already guessed, it's McDonald's.