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Where to Buy a Tiny House

The Tiny House Trend Is Here To Stay

Where to Buy a Tiny House
Image Source: Kim Lewis Tiny Houses

A few years ago, people began looking to downsize — like, really downsize — into tiny homes. The homes, usually between 100 and 400 square feet, have anchored the tiny house movement which, at its core, is about living as simply and beautifully as one can, while recognizing that you still have everything you need without excess.

According to Kim Lewis, an interior designer known for her work on ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and the co-founder and creative director at Kim Lewis Tiny Homes, the market for tiny houses is beginning to pick up across the United States, but especially in Texas, California, Florida, and Colorado.

"My prediction is you'll start seeing more and more tiny home communities pop up around the market. Most people that call us, ready to buy a tiny home, are still looking for land. Developers see opportunity in this market, which is another sign this tiny home movement is not a trend," she said.

While Lewis and several other tiny home builders work with clients to build tiny homes to their own specifications, other tiny homes are already built and on the market. Here are several tiny homes from around the country.

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