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Where to Save on Home Decor

Don't Make the Mistake of Splurging on These 9 Home Decor Items

Where to Save on Home Decor
Image Source: Justin Bernhaut via Domino

When you move into a new apartment or embark on a major makeover of your current space, it's easy to want to spend big on every new piece of decor. Resist this urge. We can can tell you from firsthand experience that 1. when you go splurge-crazy you'll end up maxing out your budget before you're even halfway through your shopping list, and 2. with a little self restraint and some strategic planning, you can get the items you need and the style you crave at a price you can afford. Check out our list of affordable decor retailers and read on to see exactly where to pinch pennies with your home decor.

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