I've Tested Tons of Pillows, and These Are My 3 Favorites

POPSUGAR Photography | Krista Jones
POPSUGAR Photography | Krista Jones
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When it comes to finding the perfect pillow, people have a lot of opinions. I recently starting asking around at work and with my friends on which pillow is the best, and no two answers were the same. For these, it really is to each their own, so I thought, "How will we ever end the debacle?" I decided to go on a mission to find out by testing some of the most popular and recommended direct-to-consumer brands out there.

Instead of naming my favorite of the bunch, I thought I'd add up a list of pros and cons for each one that impressed me. Then depending on the type of sleeper you are, you can decide for yourself. While I have tested a handful, I only rounded up my top three choices that actually blew me away for different reasons ahead. Whether you like something thin yet fluffy, or one that's cooling and squishy, I have you covered. Keep reading to check out their specs and decide which one is for you.

Best Cooling Pillow: Casper Down Pillow

Best Cooling Pillow: Casper Down Pillow

The Pillow: Casper Foam Pillow with Snow Technology ($139-$169)

The Specs: The memory foam pillow is the brand's newest addition to its popular foam line. Made with AirScape perforated foam, it helps keeps away the heat while you sleep, keeping you cool.

Pros: This pillow is on the firmer side, which is great for support. Plus, its smart Snow Technology with HeatDelete gives you an extra cool-to-the-touch feeling that can't be beat.

Cons: If you like thin down pillows, this might not be the one for you. This offers more support, giving it a thicker feel.

Who It's Good For: This is hands down the best option for someone who wants to stay cool at night. The smart technology feels silky smooth and will keep your head the perfect temperature at night.

Best Customizable Pillow: Pluto Ultimate Personalized Pillow

Best Customizable Pillow: Pluto Ultimate Personalized Pillow

The Pillow: Pluto Ultimate Personalized Pillow ($95)

The Specs: Each Pluto pillow is unique to its owner. The brand has you take a test of preferences and dislikes about pillows, and then they create a custom one just for you.

Pros: My pillow was made just right; clearly they saw my needs and were able to design what I wanted. Not only did it ship super fast, but the brand's cute design and packaging also sold me.

Cons: There are no major cons for me with pillow, but I would just recommend being clear and precise on your pillow references when ordering.

Who It's Good For: This customized pillow is perfect for the person who feels like no pillow has ever done them justice. It's the perfect way to finally get what you want. Whether it's plushness or firmness, you can literally dictate exactly what you need.

Best Supportive Pillow: Purple Best Latex Pillow

Best Supportive Pillow: Purple Best Latex Pillow

The Pillow: Purple Best Latex Pillow ($179-$219)

The Specs: Made with the brand's signature 360-degree purple grid, it has over 1500 open air channels that promote air flow. It's covered by a moisture-wicking cooling cover that is great for sweaty sleepers.

Pros: The pillow's materials and design give it a soft yet supportive feeling that you can sink right into. The squishy and durable pillow is one that you can tell has long-lasting support that won't fall flat after a few months of use.

Cons: If you're looking for something on the flatter side, this isn't for you as it's on the bigger side.

Who It's Good For: This is a great choice for a hot sleeper who loves a ton of neck support. The cooling pillow keeps your head from getting hot while keeping it in a supported place.