The 22 Best Home Brands That Should Be on Your Radar in 2020

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When it comes to shopping for new home items, whether it's furniture or kitchen tools, finding the right fit for your space is no easy feat. Not only is it important to discover pieces that go with your aesthetic and bring you joy, but you'll also want quality items that'll last. There are an endless number of places you can shop online, so to help you with a little inspiration, we curated a list of the names that we can't stop dreaming about right now. These include customer favorites, brands our editors love, and cool finds we always save on Instagram.

Ahead, you can browse our list, which ranges from bigger names like Casper and Parachute to smaller business that are always great to support like Effortless Composition and Open Spaces. Whether your wish list entails a new candle, chic ceramics, a comfy sofa, or soft bedding, no doubt you'll have a hard time leaving empty handed. Keep reading for a full breakout of the brands we're loving and the pieces we have our eyes on.

Open Spaces

Website: Open Spaces

The Brand: Organizers are often hidden and tucked away, but Open Spaces has created stylish options worth putting on display. The brand's mission is to help customers declutter their homes and relax in a mess-free space when their busy lives and days come to an end.

What to Shop: Entryway Rack

What to Shop: Entryway Rack

This Open Spaces Entryway Rack ($138) is great for storing shoes or pretty much anything else.


Website: Jungalow

The Brand: Designer and artist Justina Blakeney founded Jungalow with the intention that it's "a place that will inspire you to tap into your own creativity, connect with nature at home, and help you to bring good vibes home." The creative and modern brand incorporates natural, recycled, recyclable, and compostable materials as much as possible. Jungalow is also known to donate to a variety of important organizations including Trees For the Future.

What to Shop: Togetherness Duvet Set by Justina Blakeney

What to Shop: Togetherness Duvet Set by Justina Blakeney

Its vibrant and fun bedding is at the top of our wish list, and the Jungalow Togetherness Duvet Set by Justina Blakeney ($100-$120) with tassels is too cute to resist.


Website: Brooklinen

The Brand: Brooklinen was founded by two people just looking for awesome sheets, so they decided to make their own. They made it a mission to produce top-quality finds, made responsibly and at affordable prices, and they achieved just that. The top-rated sheets are now available in a number of styles, materials, and chic colors.

What to Shop: Classic Core Sheet Set

What to Shop: Classic Core Sheet Set

This 100-percent cotton Brooklinen Classic Core Sheet Set ($99-$159) is great for hot sleepers who are looking for a luxury feel. The set comes in numerous colors and patterns that will keep you cool all night long.

Estelle Colored Glass

Website: Estelle Colored Glass

The Brand: Founder Stephanie Summerson Hall was inspired by her grandmother's beautiful colored glass collection as a child and created her own line of luxury handblown pieces. The line includes cake stands and stemware in stunning tones that'll be the centerpiece of any table.

What to Shop: Wine Stemware Set

What to Shop: Wine Stemware Set

While we want every color to mix and match together, we'll start with the Estelle Colored Wine Stemware Set ($175) in pink.


Website: Bloomscape

The Brand: If you're not into plants, shopping for them can be complicated. Not to worry, though, because Bloomscape has made it easy for you. The site has everything from easy-to-care-for options to pet-friendly picks. So if you're not sure what's the right plant for you, the brand will help you choose based on your needs.

What to Shop: Potted Parlor Palm Indoor Plant

What to Shop: Potted Parlor Palm Indoor Plant

The Bloomscape Buy Potted Parlor Palm Indoor Plant ($65) is one of the "easy" options and comes right to your doorstep.


Website: Clare

The Brand: Clare makes paint shopping an easy process with designer-curated colors and mess-free peel-and-stick paint swatches. Founder and interior designer Nicole Gibbons realized that no paint brands were offering a convenient way to shop for paint, so she decided to change that with her business.

What to Shop: Interior Paint Gallon in Frozen

What to Shop: Interior Paint Gallon in Frozen

The Clare Interior Paint Gallon in Frozen ($54 for a gallon) is a beautiful blue shade that we can't resist.

Our Place

Website: Our Place

The Brand: If you haven't spotted this cool brand on Instagram yet, you're missing out. Known for its multipurpose and chic pan, Our Place believes that family and home life revolve around meals in the kitchen. It also carries a chic line of dinnerware including plates, bowls, and glasses.

What to Shop: Always Pan

What to Shop: Always Pan

There's no doubt that owning this Our Place Always Pan ($145) will make cooking easy and fun. Its deep design makes it easy to cook just about anything, and it comes with a handy steamer and a cool spatula that can easily rest on the pan. Plus, it comes in a few different cute color choices.

Johanna Howard Home

Website: Johanna Howard Home

The Brand: Founder Johanna Howard collaborates with talented artisans to make bold, graphic pillows and throws. She mixes Scandinavian design with artisan traditions to achieve her signature aesthetic.

What to Shop: Deco Throw

What to Shop: Deco Throw

You can never go wrong with this bold and cozy Johanna Howard Deco Throw ($175, originally $195) on your sofa.


Website: Article

The Brand: Founded in 2011, Article launched its site in 2013 and are committed to working directly with manufacturers so it can produce high-quality pieces for much less than traditional retailers. It includes everything from chic velvet sofas to midcentury-modern dining sets and seriously chic outdoor furniture.

What to Shop: Solae Chill White Left Arm Modular Sofa

What to Shop: Solae Chill White Left Arm Modular Sofa

The cool design of the Article Solae Chill White Left Arm Modular Sofa ($1,649) is what we've been dreaming about.

The Koop New York

Website: The Koop New York

The Brand: The Brooklyn-based company founded by Kristen Rose is dedicated to providing customers with handmade and quality scented candles. Each one is hand-poured by one of its employee, and the chic and minimal designs look good anywhere in your home.

What to Shop: Ocean Drive Candle

What to Shop: Ocean Drive Candle

Fill your home with this refreshing The Koop New York Ocean Drive Candle ($18), with hints of coconut, mango, and sea salt.


Website: Buffy

The Brand: Committed to making cozy products that are good for the planet, Buffy uses Earth-friendly fabrics and manufacturing methods to create more sustainable options. Known for being soft and luxurious without a high price tag, it's definitely worth shopping.

What to Shop: Eucalyptus Sheets

What to Shop: Eucalyptus Sheets

The name says it all with these Buffy Eucalyptus Sheets ($129-$169). The set is made from 100-percent eucalyptus fabric and feels cool to the touch. It's also a great choice for the environment, because eucalyptus is grown with 10 times less water than cotton.

Bolé Road

Website: Bolé Road

The Breakdown: The Brooklyn-based company, founded by Hana Getachew, supports artisans in Ethiopia who make handwoven modern designs. From colorful bath mats to pretty table linens, the site is filled with an array of beautiful decor items.

What to Shop: Argo Pillow

What to Shop: Argo Pillow

This vibrant Bolé Road Argo Pillow ($150) is exactly what your living room needs this summer.

Harlem Candle Co.

Website: Harlem Candle Co.

The Breakdown: Luxury home fragrance brand Harlem Candle Co. offers room sprays, diffusers, and candles with scents inspired by the Harlem Renaissance. Travel and lifestyle expert Teri Johnson founded the business and designs fragrances alongside award-winning perfumers.


Website: Caraway

The Brand: If you're looking for nontoxic and high-quality cookware, Caraway is a great way to start. The space-saving set even comes with handy storage options. Plus, the chic color choices are cute enough to put on display.


Website: Casper

The Brand: There's no introduction needed for the popular mattress-box brand Casper. For years, its bestselling designs have been a go-to for sleepers. This past year, it dropped a number of cool new choices, even including more affordable options.

What to Shop: Casper Original Mattress

What to Shop: Casper Original Mattress

Not sure where to start? The Casper Original Mattress ($595-$1,295) is always a customer favorite.

Tal & Bert

Website: Tal & Bert

The Brand: Inspired by mining and their love for nature, founders Ray and Val Talbert create beautiful planters, vessels, and tea-light holders. The designs are made from hand-poured concrete and raw natural minerals. Adding one of these handmade pieces to your home is truly unique.

What to Shop: Tal & Bert Tourmaline Geode Vessel

What to Shop: Tal & Bert Tourmaline Geode Vessel

The Tal & Bert Tourmaline Geode Vessel ($24) is incredibly made.

Effortless Composition

Website: Effortless Composition

The Brand: If you have ever wanted to perfectly decorate your home with vibrant pieces and didn't know where to start, Effortless Composition is your answer. Founded by Brittiny Terry, the site features an impressive collection of hand-selected pieces that'll no doubt bring joy and life into your home. From chic pillows and throws to beautiful mirrors and vases, you'll get lost browsing the site and adding just about everything to your virtual shopping cart.


Website: Parachute

The Brand: Founder Ariel Kaye started the online business in 2014 when she was looking for affordable and high-quality home pieces and couldn't find anything that was easy to shop. From sheets to shower curtain and seriously cozy bathrobes, the brand has everything your home needs.

What to Shop: Linen Sheet Set

What to Shop: Linen Sheet Set

You've likely seen this stylish and comfy Parachute Linen Sheet Set ($149-$189) on your Instagram feed. Not only will this breathable set keep you cool, but it'll also definitely add some style to your bedroom.


Website: Ruggable

The Brand: If you've ever thought to yourself, "I wish I could wash this rug," well, your dreams have come true. Ruggable is committed to making quality yet affordable and easy-to-clean pieces. The two-piece design simply has a top layer that can be easily removed and washed to feel like new. Oh, and did we mention they're also stain- and water-resistant?!

What to Shop: Polar White Shag Rug

What to Shop: Polar White Shag Rug

The Ruggable Polar White Shag Rug ($138-$279) is the perfect way to get a chic white rug without having to worry about it getting ruined.

The Citizenry

Website: The Citizenry

The Brand: The Citizenry's mission is to make bringing unique, handmade, and ethically sourced goods from all around the world into your home easier than ever before. The brand travels to these countries itself to source products and is able to sell them to you at a more affordable price than boutiques by cutting out the middle man.

What to Shop: Shanti Accent Rug

What to Shop: Shanti Accent Rug

The beautiful The Citizenry Shanti Accent Rug ($135) would look great in your bedroom. It also comes in dark midnight blue.

Nur Cermaics

Website: Nur Ceramics

The Brand: Nur Ceramics was founded by artist Dina Nur Satti, who handmakes each piece in her studio. Growing up with Somali and Sudanese traditions, ceramics have always been a part of her life, and through her work, she wants to bring these beautiful and sophisticated pieces to anyone's home.

Equal Parts

Website: Equal Parts

The Brand: Looking to bring joy and simple pleasures to the kitchen, Equal Parts makes kitchenware basics that are a must. From baking sheets to mixing bowls and its space-saving pans, you can't go wrong investing in these smart finds.

What to Shop: Stovetop Set

What to Shop: Stovetop Set

The Equal Parts Your Stovetop Set ($249) is not only easy to clean, but the set is also stackable, making it super easy to store even in small spaces.