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8 Best Leather Sofas and Sectionals for Every Home

8 Leather Couches That Are Just as Comfy as They Are Chic

8 Best Leather Sofas and Sectionals for Every Home
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Picking out the right sofa is a lot easier said than done. Whether you have your eye on a large sectional or perhaps a useful sleeper sofa, a quality couch is the centerpiece of your living space. Struggling to choose which one to add to your space? We suggest a timeless classic like a leather sofa. It adds sophistication to any room. Plus, it ages like a fine wine when properly cared for. We curated a list of leather sofas that are not only stylish but also incredibly comfy, because what's more important than that?

To help us make your shopping experience a little easier and point to the best leather sofas on the market, we enlisted the help of designer Hema Persad, founder of Sagrada Studio and art director of "Property Brothers" on HGTV. She says that a leather sofa is an ideal choice for those who want a luxurious look that stands the test of time, especially if your home is modern, sleek, or follows a midcentury style. Persad points out that a leather couch "can look dated if you pick the wrong silhouette. Make sure the silhouette isn't too bulky. Leather tends to look better in a more streamlined silhouette."

What to Look For When Buying a Leather Sofa:

There are lots of key factors to consider when investing in furniture, most notably material and craftsmanship, functionality and use, style and design, and cost. Softness and suppleness are imperative in differentiating good quality leather from something subpar. "The softer and more supple it is, the higher quality. lower quality leather tends to be stiff and prone to cracking," Persad says. She also recommends paying attention to details, like checking the seams for proper stitching. "Leather should be firm but not too stiff, and any dye should not rub off when you touch it," she advises.

If durability is your top priority, especially something that won't scratch, she suggests prioritizing options that aren't too stiff and avoiding sofas that are overdyed with too much synthetic pigment. For comfort, Persad recommends opting for "something with texture so you don't slide around, and something with a shape that allows you to sink in a bit, but that still provides support."

What to Consider For a Vegan Leather Sofa:

Several retailers also offer vegan leather options, but not all vegan leathers are equal in terms of quality. Persad points out that "vegan leathers made from plant materials (i.e. cactus) tend to have a better and more high-end feel than synthetic materials, probably because the synthetic ones contain plastics that don't give that supple feel you want from leather." Vegan leather sofas are a great option for those with kids and pets, too, because it's a durable material.

How to Care For a Leather Sofa:

Although aged leather has a certain charm to it, that doesn't mean upkeep isn't necessary. Persad recommends conditioning your couch with a leather conditioner every year. "Try not to get it wet, wipe up water/liquid spills right away, and keep it away from direct sunlight," she advises.

There's truly something for every home, and ahead, we found the best leather sofas on the market. Keep reading to shop our top picks.

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