19 Ways to Deck the Halls With a Black Christmas Tree This Year

There's a good chance that you feel like a black Christmas tree does not scream festive fun, but this trendy decor piece can be just as merry as your traditional pine tree. Black Christmas trees have been rising in popularity for the past few years now, and we don't see them going anywhere anytime soon. If you think, though, that this Christmas tree demands a dark and gloomy decor palette, think again. People everywhere have taken their black Christmas trees and decorated them with a modern and festive flair.

A beautiful way to deck your Christmas tree out for the holidays is by keeping it ultra sleek with white decorations. That means covering your tree in white lights, white ornaments, and white tinsel so the harsh, dark color of the tree is more muted, giving it an overall chic look. Another option is to use only metallic decor, which will pop against the black background. Both gold and silver have a decadent effect on the black branches, and are reminiscent of more traditional holiday decor. Or, you could just use the same ornaments you'd use on any old tree. It is your decor, after all.

Retailers are rolling out black Christmas trees just in time for the holiday season, so make sure to snag your own so you can use it again and again. Get inspired to decorate your own black Christmas tree with the gallery of holiday decor ahead.