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Where to Buy Starbucks's Studded Cold Cup Ornament Key Chain

This Mini Starbucks Cold Cup Key Chain Doubles as a Christmas Ornament

Starbucks Studded Cold Cup Ornament Key Chain
Image Source: Mercari / SneakerDiva

What's with all things small in size being so dang cute? From baby clothes to Polly Pocket (a throwback, I know) to key chains, if it's itty bitty, I'm all for it — and I know I'm not alone. Case in point: Starbucks's mini Studded Cold Cup that many Starbucks consumers have started sharing on Instagram and Twitter. The pocket-sized tumbler is marketed as both a keychain and ornament, makes the perfect stocking stuffer, and functions as an actual cup, too. You can unscrew the top and everything. Attach it to your purse, your keys, or to your larger Starbucks tumbler (the 2021 holiday tumblers are undeniably cute) for a fun duo and be on your merry way.

As for how to buy Starbucks's Studded Cold Cup Ornament Key Chain, it appears customers are finding and purchasing it at their local Starbucks locations, although it's not confirmed. (POPSUGAR reached out to Starbucks for confirmation and will update this post accordingly when we hear back.) Unfortunately, word on the street is that this little key chain is already sold out in stores, but we suggest asking a Starbucks employee the next time you order your favorite holiday drink just in case. If you can't wait for a restock, and you don't mind dishing out some cash, it seems some Cold Cup key chains are popping up on reseller sites for around $22. (Tread carefully, if you go that route.)

Ahead, get a closer look at Starbucks's Studded Cold Cup Key Chain, as well as an idea of just how small and adorable it really is.

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