Black Succulents Exist, and They Perfectly Match Your Cold, Dark Soul

Just when we thought our succulent obsession couldn't possibly grow any more, we've just made an urgent discovery that's sending us into a plant-loving frenzy. Black succulents exist, guys, and they're the perfect home decor addition to match our cold, dark souls.

This species of succulent is known as Sinocrassula yunnanensis, a type that features densely packed clumps of rosettes. Its pointed leaves (which somewhat resemble mini pine cones or hedgehogs) are typically a dark green hue, but that color is often so dark that it actually looks more like black than green.

So where can you purchase these rare beauties? A few Etsy retailers, namely Succulent Cafes and Walawala Studio, sell the plants online, or you could check with your local gardening store to see if it sells them. We think these one-of-a-kind succulents would look oh so chic in a marble planter filled with white pebbles . . . or, if you're feeling extradark, you could go for one of our favorite skull-shaped planters instead.