If You Live For Drama, You'll Want to Grow These Extravagant Black Roses

A growing gardening trend is appealing to people who appreciate the darker things in life. The black rose has a rather mysterious reputation, namely because black roses cannot be organically found in nature. That being said, several seed suppliers and florists have found ways around that tiny little obstacle.

To simply buy a bouquet of black roses, there's an easy solution. Traditional red roses are darkened by placing the rose in a mixture of water and black ink. The roses can also be dyed black using a flower-sensitive spray. A similar method is used to produce trendy rainbow-colored flowers. Luxury companies, like Venus Et Fleur, also sell black roses that are meant to last a full year, for a considerably high price.

Then, there's the more difficult — but ultimately more rewarding — method. If you so choose, you can also grow your own black roses with a slightly tedious technique. For starters, you'll need seeds for dark roses. Surprisingly, many floral shops sell the seeds on Etsy. Then, plant the seeds preferably in a greenhouse or other controlled environment. Wait until the buds start to swell right before they bloom. At this stage, experiment with the temperature and light; colder temperatures and less sunlight will naturally darken the roses.

Though it's a complicated process, it can be done with a little trial and error. Most of the listings on Etsy also come with instructions and suggestions that are worth checking out. If you need some more convincing, peruse some pictures of the edgy floral trend ahead.