Even Cindy Crawford's Summer Home Is Ridiculously Freakin' Gorgeous

Cindy Crawford's lake house in Ontario, Canada, may include your typical Summer home elements, but this place is anything but average. The house, where Cindy and her husband, Rande Gerber, and kids, Presley and Kaia, vacation each year is nestled right on the water and is stunning from top to bottom. Thanks to Instagram and the entire family's willingness to share photos of their lives, we've been able to catch glimpses of this house, and it's no surprise the lake house is as beautiful as the family's California home.

The cottage has exposed wood interiors, of course, and rustic touches throughout, including woven furniture, high ceilings, and endless striped pillows that all feel perfect for a Summer house. There are also lake-house touches as well, of course, like the decorative canoe over the glass doors and a surplus of outdoor seating around the house. The real focal point in the house though is the huge fireplace in the middle of the main room that would make anyone jealous.

The rest of the outside of the house is well-kept and has plenty for the family to do when visiting, from boats they keep tied up at their dock to spots to jump off the roof into the water and even a serene spot for Cindy to swing. This place really is a sight to behold, and it's a lovely spot for the family to spend a chunk of their Summers there every year. Keep reading for more pictures of this peaceful getaway.