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Courteney Cox Talks Homecourt's New Room Deodorants

Courteney Cox Gives Us the Inside Scoop on Her Home-Care Brand's Newest Launch

Courteney Cox Talks Homecourt's New Room Deodorants
Image Source: Homecourt

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Courteney Cox is a bonafide neat freak — and proud of it. She's constantly straightening up, tossing things that no longer speak to her, and rearranging her home in pursuit of the perfect space — a trait that dates back to her childhood, when she'd regularly redecorate the bedroom she shared with her sister. "We only had a turntable, a three-in-one stereo unit, two twin beds, one bedside table, but you wouldn't believe what I could do with that," Cox tells POPSUGAR.

While the actress admits she doesn't quite share the same obsessive tendencies as her famous, fictional alter ego (Monica Geller hive, rise!), she's found a level of comfort in home care that's become central to her identity. It's also what inspired her to launch Homecourt, a luxe lifestyle brand with the goal of making home care cool through a thoughtful selection of cleaning products that smell as good as they look.

The brand has been gaining a lot traction this past year, first debuting with countertop cleaners and hand washes before releasing seasonal candles in the fall. Homecourt's latest launch is room deodorant sprays that pack a powerful aromatic punch and boast a compact, chic design — an element that Cox hails as being "the key" to the whole line. "[We wanted] something that was functional, that really did the job and was safe — but also something that was so upscale compared to the usual products that you can get, especially cleaning products," she said.

Cox told POPSUGAR all about scent-scaping, her favorite ways to use Homecourt's new room deodorants, and whether or not her brand would get Monica's seal of approval. We also got the chance to test out the product for ourselves — and can confirm it's a spring cleaning essential. Read her intel and more details about the product ahead.

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