10 Genius Tips For Decorating a Rental, Straight From Interior Designers

No matter what your geographic location is, one thing's for sure when it comes to rental apartments — you most definitely need to show them a little extra love. While home updates are essential, oftentimes landlords have strict rules about what you're allowed to do with your leased square footage. Don't worry, though, there are tons of ways for you to make your rental feel like home without jeopardizing your security deposit. We chatted with some of the top interior designers about their best suggestions on how to turn any rental apartment into a more homey space without doing serious damage to your bank account. Check out what these design influencers had to say and try out a few of these ideas in your own space ASAP.

Bring In Plants

"Bring in the green. If you have a green thumb, bringing in various types of your favorite plants indoors can be an affordable option when you're wanting to characterize a space. Especially if you add a fun planter! If you don't have the gift of keeping big plants alive, succulents or air plants could be the way to go!" — Tayleur Durnell of Sara Ray Interior Design

Install Window Treatments

"A tip would be to add curtains. Curtains are something you can buy inexpensively and use in future homes. Dressing up your windows with some great curtains will create a warm and comfortable environment that will make your space feel like a well-decorated and finished home." — Ashley Darryl of Ashley Darryl Design

Update Lighting

"Lighting can easily transform a space. Often rentals lack proper lighting. Sometimes rentals don't even have recessed lighting, which makes floor lamps and table lamps necessary; however, plug-in sconces and DIY pendants/chandeliers are easy to install and add an elevated design element that makes your space unique." — Haley Weidenbaum of Home With Haley and Homepolish

Paint the Walls

"My number one tip on how to make a rental feel more like your own is paint! Painting your space a color other than white will instantly make your space feel personalized. A room I always love to use color in is the entry. I love walking into a foyer with heavy color; it always makes me smile as I come and go." — Ashley Darryl of Ashley Darryl Design

Add Shelving

"Grab a couple bricks or some books and lay a board across them for a shelf that isn't attached to the wall for shoes, baskets, plants, or anything else you can think of!" — Claire Zinnecker of Claire Zinnecker Design

Hang Art

"One great way to transform your rental is with art. You can collect inexpensive pieces from local artists and online shops. Instead of nailing holes into your walls, use 3M Command Strips to hang them. Create an affordable gallery wall above your sofa to take advantage of your vertical space." — Michelle Gage of Michelle Gage Interior Design

Put Up Removable Wallpaper

"When you're renting, removable wallpaper is your best friend. You can customize your space and make it your own without having to compromise color and pattern on the wall. You can pull a 'gotcha' on your landlord!" — Duffy Stone of Duffy Stone | STUDIO

Introduce Textiles

"From larger items, like area rugs or wall tapestries, to throw pillows and blankets, soft goods can bring a white-walled space to life. One of our favorite tricks is layering two different types of rugs, like a chunky jute and a cowhide, to give a room some personality." — Tayleur Durnell of Sara Ray Interior Design

DIY Accent Pieces

"Buy a bunch of terra cotta pots (so inexpensive!) and spray-paint them fun colors. Plant plants and scatter throughout your house to add a fun, bright, fresh pop." — Claire Zinnecker of Claire Zinnecker Design

Add Wall Hangings

"A lot of apartment complexes have one specific rule in common: painting walls is allowed but must be covered up before you move out. Temporary wall coverings can avoid the hassle of having to repaint. They're easy to apply, easy to remove, and available in lots of unique patterns to spice up a boring rental!" — Tayleur Durnell of Sara Ray Interior Design