This Candle Is Made For the Oldest Because "You're Just More Important," So Suck It, Younger Siblings

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Ah, the life of being the oldest child in the family. You get to do everything first, you never have to wear hand-me-downs, and you never have to deal with being compared in school to a sibling who came before you. If that all wasn't enough, the oldest children now even have a candle designed just for them. Meet A Candle For the First Child ($24) from Whiskey River Soap Co. It's brand-new-everything scented, which smells like fresh wintergreen, because, seriously, what even are hand-me-downs?

Designed for the eldest child in the family, this candle also "smells like you're just more important," according to the label, and your younger siblings definitely know how that goes. I mean, imagine being *gasp* the middle child! No one wants that, right? And being the baby of the family obviously has its drawbacks, too. When you're the youngest, you're stuck having older siblings to tease you about pretty much everything. Not to mention getting your own room takes way longer when you're at the bottom of the chain.

Some of us are out here being the baby of the family with the attitude of the eldest child (hi, it's me), who not only want to snatch this candle for ourselves but also gift our loving older siblings with it. I think this would go swimmingly in my oldest brother's house.