Get Excited! The Real-Life Resort That Inspired Dirty Dancing Wants to Reopen

In addition to ABC's Dirty Dancing reboot earlier this year, fans will be excited to learn that the original resort that inspired the iconic film may be reopening. Louis R. Cappelli, the current owner of Grossinger's Catskill Resort Hotel, has already filed paperwork with the State Department of Environmental Conservation to help aid the cleanup process of the once-popular resort located in Liberty, NY.

"For 17 years I've been a lone wolf trying to do this, and I really haven't been able to accomplish it because of the enormity of the task," Mr. Cappelli recently told the New York Times. From the enormous indoor and outdoor pools to the classic dining hall — complete with a ballroom dance floor — to the staff quarters (where you might be lucky enough to carry a watermelon), the resort has gone from a Dirty Dancing dream to a dilapidated nightmare. "But now that the casino is in fact going to be opening up there, I think the opportunity now exists to have this kind of original dream come true," Cappelli stated.

Although still pending, Cappelli's application for remediation would give the vacant property a chance to cut down some of the cleanup cost — if found eligible. According to the New York Times, Cappelli believes the chemicals spilled by dry-cleaning and machine repair shops nearby the land should be a strong enough argument for why the resort should be approved. If all goes well, Cappelli told the publication he plans to reopen "a 2017 model of Grossinger's — with some sort of memories still there." While exact construction plans are unknown, it's safe to say no one will be putting Baby in the corner.

Read on to see more photos of Grossinger's, and the Dirty Dancing scenes inspired by it, ahead.

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