The 9 Home-Organizing Staples Gwyneth Paltrow Lives By

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As a self-proclaimed "neat freak," I'll just go ahead and admit I was actually filled with envy when I saw how insanely organized Gwyneth Paltrow's Hamptons home is. It's tidy, it's color-coded, and it just might be a scene from my wildest dreams (OK, maybe not wildest, but you get the picture).

Her Long Island getaway wasn't always so pristine; the actress recently enlisted the expertise of Nashville-based organization wizards Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer from The Home Edit to get the job done. The duo tackled both Gwyneth's pantry and playroom to prep her home for the Summer, and the results are nothing short of incredible.

As for the pantry, Joanna and Clea opted for a clean, spacious approach with not an ounce of clutter in sight. "We we went with white, wood, and glass products to hold the essentials while keeping it light and airy," they explained in an Instagram post. Those food-storing items include clear mason jars and lightly colored woven storage bins with handwritten labels.

Organizing Gwyneth's playroom took a similar route, as The Home Edit's gurus chose to keep things crisp and clean. They used clear and white containers and furniture, which made the room feel more spacious and open among the color-coded toys and books. But the organizing went deeper than just color and material choice. "We divided the room into activities on the left, and leisure on the right, and created zones for reading, games, art, crafts, and science," they explained in an Instagram post about the room.

If these two meticulously tidy rooms don't inspire you to shape up your home, we're not quite sure what will. Ahead, shop for some of the exact staples Joanna and Clea used to make Gwyneth's Hamptons home look like a Pinterest-lover's paradise.

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