Target's All-Black Halloween Ferns Are Cool Enough to Be Kept on Display All Year Round

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The biggest issue with Halloween is that the second the calendar page turns to Nov. 1, it's time to put away the pumpkins and take out the Christmas tree. But Target's new all-black Halloween ferns are the ideal decor to keep out all year round, and we're obsessed. Instagram user @targetdoesitagain recently spotted the insanely cool decorative plants on shelves at Target in both a small and large size, and they're also available online. Whether you transform your home into a scene out of a Michael Myers movie every year, or are more into subtle, chic decor like neon lights and yoga skulls, these Halloween ferns are perfect for you.

The best part is, you can't kill it like a real plant! One person on Instagram said it best in a comment, writing, "I can make my live fern turn black . . . just give me a few days. πŸ’€" For the sake of aesthetics and cleanliness, we'll just stick to these supercool faux plants from Target. Check out photos of the Halloween fern ahead, and shop the plans now.