Heather Dubrow's Mansion Will Knock Your Manolos Off

On Bravo's Real Housewives of Orange County, viewers are gifted with a front-row view to Heather Dubrow's sophisticated and often enviable lifestyle. We have known her for years as an actress, a mom of four, and the wife to plastic surgeon Dr. Terry Dubrow. More recently, though, we have gotten to know her as a California mansion designer extraordinaire. Avid viewers of the show live for the little glimpses of her decadent new digs now that her vision is fully complete.

Heather's shared plenty of sly shots of the over-the-top and exceptionally beautiful interiors on Instagram, though there's yet to be a big reveal. Until then, these social snaps prove that every detail from her aired-in olive tree to the jaw-dropping master bath is going to wow us beyond belief. So grab a glass of Champagne and enjoy this inside look at the Dubrow abode, and we promise, it does not disappoint.

Bathtub With a Fireplace View

How could you bathe without a lit fire nearby?

Dramatic Entryway

Fresh flower arrangements that are changed weekly pack a punch in their grand foyer.

Jaw-Dropping Dining Room

We love the monochromatic hues found in her dining room. Plus, that breathtaking circular chandelier. What else is there to say but wow?

Closet Sitting Area

If the sitting area in the bathroom wasn't enough, there's another in the closet, where Heather can contemplate her outfit of the day.

Champagne Doorbell

Nothing says opulence like a personal Champagne doorbell conveniently situated in your closet. Can we come visit?

Floating Onyx Bar

A slab of gorgeous onyx along with a custom wooden cutout are going to be used to create her off-center, floating bar top. When it's open for business, we'll take one dirty martini, please.

Unique Backsplash

Subway tile just wouldn't cut it in this over-the-top abode; the square metallic tile fits the home's opulent style.

Grand Movie Theater

The smile on Terry's face says it all! We would be smiling this big too if we had this plush movie theater in our own houses.

Personalized Lego Table

We haven't gotten to see a lot of her children's space yet, but from the looks of this pink and personalized Lego table, we trust that it's gonna be good.

Limestone Flooring

We can't get over the complete shine and luster of her pristine flooring.

Generous Hallways

There will be no brushing shoulders in their 20,000-square-foot mansion.

Giant Windows to Frame the View

The Dubrows definitely didn't forget the view when designing the back of their house.

Extravagant Chandelier

The top of the grand staircase features a stunning crystal light piece.

Infinity Pool

The infinity pool and hot tub make a bold statement in the backyard.

Master Bathroom Lounge

This sneak peek at the master bathroom exhibits the perfect mix of Heather's feminine side found in the cabinetry alongside a more masculine color palette that we're sure Terry can also appreciate.

Basement Courtyard

Just your everyday basement courtyard in the works.

Customized Mood Lighting

Did you know that lights need to be set according to welcome, evening, or daytime? We didn't either, but we have to admit, we are very intrigued.

Backlit Purse Storage

We'd expect nothing less in Heather's closet.

Aired-In Olive Tree

If anyone is going to get an aired-in olive tree, it's going to be Heather Dubrow.

Personalized Decor

Her daughter Coco already has a custom Lego table, so it's not surprising that she also has blingy wall decor featuring her name.

Huge Driveway

There will be more than enough space for Heather's castmates and production crew to park while filming scenes in the new Dubrow abode.

Island Seating For Eight

There's more than enough room for the whole Dubrow family at their "casual" kitchen island.

Fancy Ceiling Beams

Even her ceilings are eye catching! Heather, the place looks great and we can't wait to see the rest!

Custom Etched Glass

We can all remember when Heather first told Terry about her idea for this custom etched glass piece on RHOC, personalized to perfection with initial carvings for each family member.

Swanky Office

Heather's office is both elegant and serene, including a unique Kelly Wearstler dichotomy table. Plus, the unexpected touch of a sliding ladder and inlaid lighting is so different and exciting.

Humongous Sofa

This couch is just the right choice for Heather's large family of six. Plus, having enough room for entertaining guests obviously won't be a problem.

Terry's Throne

Dubbed "Terry's throne" by Heather herself, this machine can wash, dry, heat, and even massage! We never knew a toilet could perform so many different functions.

Multitiered Designer Closet

Her enormous designer closet fills us with envy. Every article of clothing and pair of shoes looks to have a perfect place.