23 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Love It or List It's Hilary & David

If you've ever caught an episode of HGTV's Love It or List It, then you know the chemistry between hosts David Visentin and Hilary Farr is something to behold. No, they're not married — but the duo have an epic banter that clearly shows how comfortable they are in each other's company!

We caught up with David and Hilary during a break from their work on the series. The result of our conversation with the pair is a list of 23 amazing facts every true HGTV fan needs to know.


They Start Their Mornings in the Exact Same Way

David shared a special smoothie recipe with Hilary, and now they're both obsessed with making it. "We start our mornings the exact same way," David explained. "It's quite sweet," Hilary added. It's called "The Morning Smoothie" and it involves kale, cilantro, lemon juice, banana, almond butter, cacao, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, and black pepper. David also sometimes throws in avocado and apple.


David’s Canadian

His hometown is Trent, Ontario.


Hilary Doesn’t Watch Their Show Alone

"I actually have a problem watching our own shows," she explained. "I find it awkward."


But She Will Watch It With David

Sometimes, Hilary and David tweet about their shows side-by-side. "I don't mind watching when we're together," she said to David.


They Get Surprised by Responses, Too

Hilary and David genuinely do not know if homeowners will love a home or list it. "We are surprised quite often," David said. Hilary added, "We're as surprised as anybody."


They Feel More Approachable Than Other Stars

"I think HGTV hosts are more approachable than other types of people on television," David explained. "I think people feel like you're their friend. They kind of feel like they know you."


Hilary Played Netball

In addition to being an accomplished swimmer and diver, Hilary played netball, a popular sport in the UK. "It's sort of like basketball, but you're not allowed to bounce, you have to pass, and you wear short shorts," she explained.


Hilary Was in The Rocky Horror Picture Show

"It is an amazing fun fact," Hilary explained to POPSUGAR Home. "It came about because we lived — as a family — right below Tim Curry." Being in proximity to the creators of the film lead them to create a non-speaking role for her.


Hilary Has Been on Broadway

Hilary was one of the leads in a Broadway production of Run For Your Wife.


David Is an Athlete

"I love sports," David said. "I grew up playing sports my whole life and I still do." He swims competitively, and now does triathlons.


Hilary Has 1 Dog and 3 Cats

Hilary has an adorable dog named Mimi, as well as three cats. David recently bought his four-year-old son a fish.


Hilary Was in Production

Hilary has a background in film production and has worked with Ted Danson and producer Arthur Cohn.


David’s Perfect Day Involves Golf

"If it's Summertime, I'm going golfing," he said. He also loves spending an afternoon at the movies.


They Both Love Italian

Hilary's favorite food is anything Italian, while David more specifically loves pizza.


Hilary Has Worked With Richard Gere

Hilary's stage career also brought her into contact with Richard Gere during a production of Grease in London.


David Has Sky-Dived

David jumped out of a plane when he was in his early twenties. "I did have a parachute on," he added.


Hilary's Perfect Day Involves the Spa

"I'm definitely a spa day person, that works for me just about anytime of the year," she said. She also loves a back-to-back movie marathon.


They're Addicted to HGTV Too

"I'm like every other HGTV addict; I just put it on and then there's a show. Then suddenly it's three hours later," Hilary said.


Hilary's British

She grew up in London.


Hilary Got Her Start in Interior Design

After a stint in LA, Hilary enrolled in an interior design course at Toronto's Ryerson University. She then got involved in real estate, and was hooked. "Almost everything I learned, I learned on the job quite honestly," she said.


They Met at Their Audition

Even though they have amazing chemistry, David and Hilary only met at the Love It or List It Audition. Hilary was picked first for the show, and after being matched with a group of potential agents, David was selected to join, too. Recalling the audition process, David said of the producers, "They called up and said, 'You're brilliant. We want you. We think you're going to make Hilary look good.'"


Real Estate Is in David's Family

David, who has been in the real estate industry for 20 years, comes from a family of experts. "My father is a broker and I work with both my brothers who are also realtors. My sister, two years ago, got her real estate license," he explained.