10 Fun Facts About HGTV's Design Star: Next Gen Winner, Carmeon Hamilton

Carmeon Hamilton won HGTV's Design Star: Next Gen (and our hearts) with her bold, beautiful, and bohemian designs that stayed true to her style. Her goal is to elevate the everyday, and she describes her aesthetic as modern, bohemian, cultured, textured, and soulful. "Throughout this competition, I created spaces that were more and more me," she said on the show. "I laid it all out on the table here."

That approach worked, and Carmeon beat out seven other designers, making her the winner of $50,000 and her own upcoming HGTV show at just 35 years old. Before you get excited to binge-watch the show or scroll through Carmeon's verdant Instagram feed, here are 10 things to know about this talented designer.


She's From Memphis

Carmeon is from Memphis, TN, and loves her hometown. Before she knew what her future show would focus on, she revealed in an interview with a local news station that she knew that she wanted it to be filmed in Memphis.


She Didn't Originally Plan on Interior Design

She started as a physical therapy major in college before switching to interior design. One of her friends recommended the program after seeing how Carmeon had decorated her dorm room as an RA.


She Started Her Career in the Healthcare Industry

Despite switching out of physical therapy, Carmeon wasn't done with healthcare yet! She started her career designing spaces for medical facilities and nursing homes, through which she learned how design had an impact on health and wellness.


Design Star: Next Gen Was a New Challenge For Her

Carmeon described her time on the show as "the hardest thing I've ever done in my
whole life. There's nothing like it." Amazing to see her hard work paying off!


She's Married

Carmeon has a husband, Marcus. You can watch how cute they are above, when she calls him to tell him that she won while still on set.


She Has a Tween Son

Carmeon recently redid her son Davin's bedroom, and the blue hues are stunning. You can check out her tips for designing with kids here.


She's a Plant Mom

Designers . . . they're just like us! Carmeon is a self-described plant mom, and her home is filled with gorgeous greenery. "Plants are a super-identifiable part of my aesthetic, but the foundation is always modern and clean-lined," she told Architectural Digest, describing herself as an "environmental curator."


She Has a Supersweet Sunday Ritual

Carmeon and her family have a pancake breakfast every Sunday in an effort to be more intentional about family time and to live her goal of elevating the everyday. Can we stop by, please?


She Loves Healthy Competition

After her win was announced, Carmeon shared a post to thank and honor her competitor in the final challenge, Eli Hariton. "Not only were [you] an amazing competitor, but you're an even more amazing human," she wrote.


She's a Rule Breaker

Carmeon considers herself someone who breaks design rules. In an interview after her win was announced, she said, "You grow up and you spend more time in this industry and you realize that rules are meant to be broken, especially if you want to stand out, so I made it a point to have my design style be very personal to me." We love that!