The Top 10 Tips For Decorating Your Walls Like a Design Pro

It's a feeling almost all interior decorators will encounter at one point or another: you're staring at a blank wall, and you think, "What's next?" After all, what is more creatively inspiring (and simultaneously intimidating) than a whole expanse of blank space? If you're staring at the empty walls in your living space and wondering what to do to turn them into gorgeous expressions of your personality and style, you've come to the right place!

"Using paint or wallpaper, you can create a statement wall in your space," said Alessandra Wood, VP of style at online interior design service Modsy. But those traditional means of wall decor are just the beginning! We've rounded up a top 10 list of our favorite techniques to add some serious style to your walls. Whether you're looking for storage, color, texture, or something else entirely, check out our favorite tips for turning blank walls into stunning focal points in any room.

Create a Floor-to-Ceiling Gallery Wall

"While it might seem intense, this is a great way to showcase your curatorial eye, and is actually how collectors and museums displayed art in the past," explained Wood. You can use this supersize version of the classic gallery wall to display an entire collection of curated art and showcase your style all in one spot.

Looking for the perfect spot? Wood suggests trying this tip in a hallway or other transitional spot, turning a "boring passageway into a statement spot."

Get Creative With Flowers

Flowers aren't just for vases anymore. If you're looking for a unique way to bring the outdoors in, consider using individual flowers (typically high-quality faux blooms) to create a loose, three-dimensional "wallpaper" effect that's more customizable and completely magical!

Try Statement Wallpaper

When you think of wallpaper, you might think of smaller repeating patterns. To really make a wall stand out, though, you can try statement wallpaper that features one major design. These wallpapers look more like a mural, and have the power to really create a theme for the room and a focal area of interest.

Create an Accent Wall

Whether you prefer paint or wallpaper, creating an accent wall is one of the most classic ways to make a statement wall in any space. "Choose a saturated color that pops against your other walls or a bold wallpaper print," Wood recommended. Who doesn't love a pop of color?

Upgrade to a Three-Dimensional Wall Feature

Want to really create an eye-catching focal point? Take the idea of an accent wall even further by building a three-dimensional feature. Look for features that, literally, pop off the walls. If you're not quite sure how to get started, there are tons of DIY tips and tutorials that can give you a head start!

Try Textile Wall Hangings

Another option for adding texture and dimension to your walls: textile wall hangings! These fiber-based pieces can be anything from a large tapestry to a woven or knotted piece — whatever suits the color and style of your room best.

Add a Plant Wall

There's no denying it: We've all gotten super into plants in this past year. Instead of just perching them on a windowsill, consider how they might be incorporated into your wall decor. Wall plant boxes and pots are a unique way to add some (literal) life to your walls.

Use Bookshelves

Bookshelves are a fantastic way to add functionality and personality to your walls, and they can be styled in infinite ways. "You can create an edited vibe alternating stacks of books and decorative objects," suggested Wood. "Or if your book collection is bursting at the seams, invest in closed shelves."

Make a Statement With Mirrors

Smaller wall mirrors are a great and flexible option, but if you really want to turn a wall into a big style statement, a large floor mirror is the way to go! Choose a mirror that brings the shapes and lines you're looking for into the space, with a frame that ties it all together, whether that's a sleek, minimalist look or something more elaborate.

Take the Plunge With a Mural

We're here to declare that wall mirrors are not just for kids' rooms! A grown-up wall mirror can make your space feel completely custom and homey. If you're particularly creative, you may feel like experimenting with painting your own mural, but you can also find a professional to create the wall art of your dreams. It's a beautiful way to create a larger statement on a wall.