The 1 Houseplant Joanna Gaines Can't Get Enough Of

Watch out, fiddle leaf fig, and move over, banana tree! There's a new potted plant in town, and it's so on-trend even Fixer Upper design pro Joanna Gaines can't get enough of it. It's the olive tree. This ancient Mediterranean plant thrives when potted and will lend farmhouse-chic charm to any room of your home.

In the Spring 2017 issue of Chip and Joanna's quarterly magazine, The Magnolia Journal, we learned that olive trees not only make for great houseplants, but they're also great gifts. Instead of flowers, which die within about a week, Joanna will often bring a potted olive tree. With proper care, such as direct sunlight and regular watering, they can thrive for years to come. And did we mention they're a symbol of peace and abundance? Potted olive trees really are the perfect gift!