The 1 Piece of Decor Joanna Gaines Can Never Resist

Joanna Gaines is many things: wife, mother, designer extraordinaire, and . . . a self-proclaimed plant lady! While some people are addicted to buying shoes, Joanna is addicted to buying plants, from tiny succulents to potted olive trees. This Fixer Upper star has never seen a houseplant she didn't love, as evidenced by the numerous pictures she's posted to Instagram of herself surrounded by mountains of greenery. She even added a "Plant Lady" t-shirt ($24) to Magnolia's apparel offerings. Need more proof that Joanna is an unabashed plant addict? Check out the slideshow ahead.

When she pampered her kitchen greenery

When she bought so many plants to decorate a reno that there was no space for anyone else

When she devoted a t-shirt to her love of greenery

When she joked about her "struggle" to resist greenery

When her sister (and fellow crazy plant lady) played with Magnolia's upcoming planter designs

When she peeked at her newly acquired fiddle leaf in her backseat

When she could hardly fit in the car because it was so stuffed with greenery

When she loaded Magnolia Market up with olive and magnolia trees so everyone could enjoy plants as much as her