I Know It's Not the Point, but Joe Goldberg's Got One Hell of a Kitchen

Some look to Hollywood A-listers for home inspiration, but me? I've got fictional serial killer Joe Goldberg fueling my kitchen envy. In season four of "You," Joe — or shall I say Jonathan Moore? — moves from Madre Linda to London, where he scoops up a flat in the swanky neighborhood of South Kensington. Though he's subletting the space from someone else, it's very much his style, with well-stocked bookcases, ample fireplaces for burning evidence of his crimes, and large windows with a direct view into his neighbor's home.

I'm not here to dissect the furnishings of Joe's entire bachelor pad, though; I'm here to appreciate his kitchen in particular. It's far from the focal point of season four, what with the multiple murders and a new crop of despicable characters, but I found myself hitting pause to admire the room every time Joe appeared in it. For starters, it's noticeably more bright and modern than the rest of his dark, wood-paneled flat. Glossy white subway tiles line the walls, the countertops are oak colored, and the drawers are a calming shade of gray. There's a white farmhouse-style sink (my favorite) that comes with a gold faucet and glass-paned cabinet doors displaying fancy dinnerware.

There's even a wall-mounted spice rack — because serial killers need their chicken well-seasoned, just like the rest of us.

Production designer Kevin Phipps went the extra mile with making the kitchen feel lived-in. The shelves are cluttered with books, condiments, mugs, and the like. The counters are topped with candlesticks, a blender, a marble cutting board, matching salt and pepper grinders, and a two-tier fruit basket. Heck, there's even a wall-mounted spice rack — because serial killers need their chicken well-seasoned, just like the rest of us.

Joe Goldberg's kitchen in "You" season four.

Oh, and I mustn't forget the refrigerator. As soon as that pristine white hunk of stainless steel came on screen the first time, I instantly clocked the silver Smeg logo. The designer appliance is unmissable when Joe fishes through the freezer to retrieve a plastic-bag-wrapped gun and severed ear he unknowingly stowed inside, and many viewers were quick to call out the product placement on social media.

"Five minutes into the new series of #YouNetflix and I already know the most unrealistic part will be professor Joe Goldberg living in a million pound flat down a secluded mews with a Smeg fridge in the kitchen," one fan tweeted, while another similarly quipped, "joe goldberg is supposed to be broke with that smeg fridge ?" (Joe technically didn't purchase the Smeg himself since he's just subletting the place, but no matter who dropped thousands on it, the sleek, retro fridge is damn near impossible to ignore every time it makes a cameo.)

At the close of "You" season four, Joe returns to his roots in New York City to start anew with his British beau, Kate. Seeing as they have the Lockwood family fortune in their back pocket, I can only imagine the extravagant residence the villainous power couple will splurge on, should Netflix renew the series for a fifth installment. Perhaps a fully Smegged-out Midtown apartment?