"Dorm In a Box" Is the Genius College Decorating Solution You've Been Waiting For

The Mine
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If you've been feeling the pressure to turn your dorm room into an interior design paradise, you're not alone. As college students head back to school, social media is being inundated with images of impossibly over-the-top dorms. Well, if you want the superstylish look without investing a lot of time into shopping, then you should head to The Mine. It's a high-end online furniture and decor retail site owned by Lowe's, and it's making college move in much, much simpler by grouping everything you need to outfit your entire dorm into one "dorm in a box" package.

Each "dorm in a box" is curated around a different design look, such as tropical, romantic, athletic, or retro. It contains a wide breadth of stylish items from bedding and art, trash cans and area rugs to a toaster and organizers. With one click of the "purchase set" button, all the items from that design look's package are put into your cart. Entire packages start at $950 (before the 20 percent set purchase discount you get when you enter BACK2SCHOOL20), which is steep, but considering it's everything you need and more, it's not outrageous. Plus, depending on the size and needs of your space, you'll probably want to go into your shopping cart and remove extraneous items (which means you'll be spending even less money); for example, a side table you don't have room for or a minifridge you don't need. Keep reading to get a taste of some of our favorite pieces from the romantic collection ahead. Then, head to The Mine to check out the complete "dorm in a box" offerings.

Framed Print (from $70)