Jennifer Garner's Kitchen Is a Total Dream, and Yes, You Need to See It

We love Jennifer Garner for many reasons. She's a talented actress and adoring mom, and when it comes to the kitchen, she's extremely relatable about her cooking triumphs and mishaps. (It's what's made her one of the best celebrities to follow on Instagram, after all.) And every time she posts a video on social media of her attempting a new or favorite recipe, we can't help but marvel at her stunning kitchen. From chic marble countertops to glass-front cabinets to simple containers, Jennifer's kitchen has us eager to put on our chef's hats and get cooking, no matter the end result. Keep reading to take a peek inside her home, and get ready to start redecorating.

— Additional reporting by Haley Lyndes


The All-White Cabinets Are Midcentury Modern

Their simple style will last for years to come.


Fresh Flowers Lend a Cozy and Welcoming Vibe

Jennifer's kitchen feels so homey, and we haven't even been there.


The Marble on Marble Looks So Freaking Good

We love how the marble backsplash blends seamlessly into the countertop.


The Grid-Inspired Window Design Lets In Natural Light

We're getting major farmhouse vibes from that kitchen window.


The White Subway Backsplash Tiles Are Fresh and Modern

The glossy white kitchen backsplash is simple, clean, and timeless.


Her Endless Counter Space Makes Cooking So Much Easier

She can even fit a second sink into her kitchen island, that's how you know it's big!


Those Glass-Front Cabinets Are So Convenient and Cute

Glass cabinets make entertaining, cooking, and really just about anything easier.


Note the Wooden Egg Holder, Please!

OK, how cute is that egg holder though?!


The Marble Countertops Are Stunning

We're big fans of her pretty countertops.


Birdie Is the Best Sous-Chef

Everyone needs a Birdie (her golden retriever) in their kitchen.


2 Words: Shelving Nooks

Not only are shelving nooks great for storage, but they're also just so adorable.


The Chic Kitchen-Aid on the Counter

Kitchen-Aids just add a sense of sophistication to kitchens that we can't describe.


That Roomy Stainless-Steel Oven Is Seriously Dreamy

Cooking and baking are much more appealing with an oven like that.


The Cloth Coverings in the Kitchen Cabinets Are So Cozy

The cabinet curtains make the kitchen feel like a cute cottage.


The Stainless-Steel Double Oven Is a Dream

Every holiday should be celebrated at Jennifer's house with an oven like that!


The Wood Banister Around Her Window Sink Makes a Statement

It's toward the end of the video, but wow, is it pretty.


The Fact That There's Almost Always Decorations Up

It seems like Jennifer has hosted a lot of birthday parties in her day.


The Tray Ceiling Has So Much Character

Jennifer's tray ceiling, which features a center section that's higher than the areas around the room, adds so much drama.


Those Hardwood Floors Contrast Her Kitchen Cabinets Perfectly

Let's take a moment to appreciate those perfectly glossed kitchen floors.


Glass Jars Are a Classy Way to Store Your Baking Essentials

Jennifer looks like a pro baker (and chef) with those labeled glass jars.


The Recessed Lighting Illuminates Her Kitchen Wonderfully

Cooking and baking are so much easier when you can see everything properly. Plus, the lights give her kitchen the attention it deserves.


The Crown Molding Caps Her Cabinets in the Best Way

Crown molding never goes out of style, and Jennifer's kitchen cabinets prove it.


The Kitchen Faucet Is High Enough to Clean Any Pot or Pan

Take a gander at Jennifer's tall kitchen faucet! That thing will do work on all sizes of dirty pots and pans.


That Kitchen Sink Is So Deep, You'd Probably Never See a Dish

It's not ideal to stack dishes in the sink ever, but sometimes it happens, and Jennifer's sink looks deep enough to hold a bunch of them.


The Cabinet Hardware Is So Sleek

Brushed nickel is such a clean-looking metal, and we love it against her white cabinets.


Those Leather Bar Stools Are Timeless

The barstools go with anything and look especially great in her beautiful kitchen.


The Kitchen Surveillance System Is a Goal

While cooking dinner, it's always nice to see who's coming to the door, even if it's just your Amazon package.


The Kitchen Island's Farmhouse Sink

We love a good farmhouse style, and her island's farmhouse sink is just that.


The Open-Concept Design Is Ideal For Family Nights

As you can see, Jennifer's kitchen opens up to a dining nook, allowing her to socialize with family as she films her pretend cooking show . . . or, you know, whatever else Jennifer does in her kitchen (like icing her feet).


The Brass Knobs on the Stove Elevate It Like No Other

We admire the decision to switch up the knobs on the stove. It adds a ton of character.