How'd Jennifer Garner Know the World Needed This Laundry-Room Dance Video Right Now?

"I don't know why I thought you needed this." — the always-humble Jennifer Garner, while sharing a piece of content the entire world most definitely needs right now

On Monday — the first day of what feels like the 39th week of this new staying-at-home normal — the renowned actress blessed her Instagram followers with a video that perfectly encapsulates the many stages of doing your family's never-ending laundry. It's not just any ol' video, though; it's like a mini music video of sorts, set to Icelandic musician Daði Freyr's song "Think About Things."

The clip starts out pretty low-key: surrounded by piles of laundry and cleaning supplies, Jennifer sorts and sniffs various clothing items as the washer and dryer spin in the background. But then, as the electronic beat drops, the subtle bouncing and hilarious to-camera staring begin — on the countertop, while holding a laundry basket, while chugging wine, and so forth. The entire compilation is basically made for a good ol' game of "tag yourself." Which of the below stages do you relate to the most?

  • Jennifer bouncing atop her counter.
  • Jennifer bouncing atop her counter with a full laundry basket in hand.
  • Jennifer bouncing with face masks on.
  • Jennifer lying on top of folded laundry.
  • Jennifer bouncing in an all-black outfit.
  • Jennifer holding her cat, who wants nothing to do with her.
  • Jennifer clutching multiple rolls of toilet paper.
  • Jennifer wearing silky pajamas and drinking wine.

Now, before we hear which laundry-room Jennifer made you say "same," we simply must circle back to her poor cat. I mean, that thing leaps out of her arms, fails to land on the counter, and presumably plops onto the floor, all while Jennifer has the funniest "yep, this is my pet" look on her face. That split-second tidbit is enough reason to watch the video, if you somehow haven't already slammed the "play" button. Our money's on this one turning into the next big TikTok challenge.