22 Photos of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Massive (and Mostly Empty) House

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have spent years perfecting their dream home. Not only is it an epic piece of property that has more than enough room to host their massive extended family, but it's also their sanctuary away from the public eye where they raise their four kids, North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. And while many people might fill their homes with furniture, art, beautiful decor, and, well, color, Kim and Kanye have chosen to do the exact opposite. According to the reality star, it's a "minimalistic monastery" vibe.

The Kardashian-West home is not only largely neutral (think: bleached wood floors, stone furniture, and white upholstery), there isn't much furniture at all that fills the interior. Sweeping entryways feature a single table, a bedroom that's larger than most people's apartments holds a single king-size bed, and endless hallways boast nothing at all beyond the archways that form the space itself. Ahead, check out 22 glimpses of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's massive (and mostly empty!) house.

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And Now Let's Start the Tour!

And Now Let's Start the Tour!

The entryway sets the tone for what's to come as you walk into a high-ceilinged, neutrally colored room with nothing but a single table.

The hallway behind the entryway also has no furniture or decoration.

The secluded living room that gives way to Kim and Kanye's bedroom has linen-colored couches, chairs, and a rug to match.

The first-floor bedroom is all white, from the bed to the bedding.

The living room behind the bedroom has a large black coffee table as a centerpiece.

Beyond the first-floor bedroom lies their epic bathroom, which makes it feel as though you're outside.

The bathroom sinks are pulled back from the wall, with countertops that slope just the right amount to prevent the sink from overflowing, but still look almost as if they're flat.

In the bathroom, a shower and tub also join the team of architecturally gorgeous pieces that seem as if they're floating in space.

This long hallway is completely empty except for a small statue at the very end.

The beautiful arches make for a great backdrop.

This giant living room has only three pieces in it. Three!

Even Kanye's piano fits the aesthetic, but did you have any doubt? This stunning piece of furniture is a rarely seen unbleached Steinway.

Throughout the house, the bleached wood floors give off both a rustic feel as well as a sleek and modern vibe.

Throughout the home, the floors seem to meld into the walls, which in turn seep into the furniture, all only slight variations on a general off-white, neutral theme.

With an open kitchen, complete with this massive island, they have just the space to entertain their large family.

The only non-neutral in the home (though can you even call it that?) is a wall of stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, including a splatter-proof wall made of the same metallic material.

This seating nook catches all of the natural light perfectly.

It also features a banquette that looks comfortable enough to sleep on.

The kids' rooms have a little extra "clutter," as evidenced by the stuffed animals that can be seen behind North and Chicago. That said, the rest of the room fits seamlessly with the rest of the house, suggesting that as they get older, the minimalism might creep in up here, too!

Perhaps the room with the most items housed within (and the most color!) is Kim's accessories closet, featuring countless Birkins, Louis Vuitton duffles, Judith Leiber clutches, and heels for days.