Pinterest Just Released the Year's Top Wedding Trends — and They're Anything but Traditional

Pinterest has become the go-to spot for wedding inspiration. More than ever, couples are turning to the website to plan their weddings, creating boards of their favorite images and honing their big-day vision. All the time spent on Pinterest by brides and grooms has given the company unique insight into how contemporary couples are designing their big day, so we were more than a little excited to check out the site's just-released wedding trend data. Take a look at the hottest wedding pins and the bigger trends they exemplify here.

Petal Toss Bar

Forget rice! That's so 10 years ago. Pinterest found that contemporary couples want to make a dramatic exit. Inquiries for "toss bar" are up 30 percent over last year, and this image is a favorite of searchers.

Creative Seating

Not satisfied with traditional rows of seating, couples today are interested in circular ceremony seating where everyone is sitting next to everyone else. Circular ceremony seating searches are up 80 percent year over year.

Nonreligious Venues

Maybe it's because there are more interfaith couples or maybe brides and grooms just want to get outside, but nonreligious venues are on the rise. In particular, Pinterest found that backyard weddings are trending up 25 percent over last year.

In keeping with the trend of taking the ceremony out of the church, mosque, or synagogue, beach weddings are also on the rise.

Casual Dining

A sit-down dinner used to be the top of the line for weddings, but today's couples want something less stuffy. Thirty percent are opting for more casual dining options this year and, in particular, are turning to trendy food trucks to feed their guests. Laid-back place settings accompany these meals, such as this popular pin of disposable and compostable utensil packets.

Keeping Guests Comfortable With Style

Ditching hotel ballrooms and churches for the backyard presents a new set of problems, such as mosquitos. Thoughtful couples are looking for creative ways to keep their guests comfortable, putting searches for things like bug spray on the rise.

DIY Dessert

Instead of a multitiered cake, couples are keeping it casual with dessert bars and DIY stations. This s'mores bar is a top pin.

Skipping Home Registries

Couples are registering less for china and kitchen appliances and more asking guests contribute to their honeymoon fund. Searches for honeymoon funds, or "honey funds," are up 200 percent on Pinterest, and couples are especially fond of creative ways to gather the money, like this top pinned shadowbox.