Wow! You Won't Believe This Camper That Turns Into a Mini Boat

If you're someone who likes to go camping or enjoys the outdoors, you might know there are trailers, there are campers, and there are boats. That is, until the Sealander came along. *Cue the entrance of the perfect combo of all three.*

The ingenious recreation equipment connects to a trailer hitch, just like the campers you might be familiar with (or even own); however, once on water, this clever little contraption operates like a boat equipped with an outboard motor.

The interior of the Sealander can be configured as benches for sitting or as a bed for lounging, and you can customize it to fit your needs. Want cooking utilities or a bathroom? There's an upgrade for that. It's also worth noting that a special license isn't required to operate the Sealander, and it meets all required safety standards for land and water vehicles worldwide.

So, how much will it cost to get your hands on one? The basic model of the Sealander starts at approximately $17,000 and takes about eight weeks to be custom-built. While it may not be big, just remember that good things come in small packages too and the Sealander can fit up to six adults. So, I guess the hardest decision will be determining who's getting the other five seats!