These Supercute "She Sheds" Are Redefining Backyard Bliss

If men have "man caves" where they can escape, why shouldn't women have their own escapes? Well, there's a new trend to help ladies everywhere shed the stresses of the everyday: meet the "She Shed." Typically constructed in a backyard nook, these tiny cottages are perfect for women who want alone time for reading, creating, gardening, or even napping. There are no rules to building a She Shed; they're anything you want them to be (and then some).

We've rounded up some gorgeous inspiration from real ladies' havens, so start your She Shed wish list — it's bound to be a long one!

A She Shed is the perfect addition to any size backyard.

She Sheds are like cuter, cleaner playhouses . . . for grown-ups!

Life is better anywhere when you have your own She Shed!

As a gardening shed and shady seating area, this bright-pink She Shed is perfect for somebody with a green thumb.

This table for two inside this She Shed is a perfect place for a tea party!

We LOVE how this She Shed welcomes you with antique French doors. So chic!

What's more to love, a She Shed in your garden, or a dreamy garden on your She Shed?

We wouldn't be surprised if this She Shed accompanied backyard turned out to be enchanted!

Imagine a lady date with girlfriends in this sweet She Shed.

We love the Disney-style construction of this adorable She Shed.

Simply gorgeous!

There's no better way to enjoy your garden than from the shade of your She Shed.

Imagine relaxing inside this She Shed next to a beach over the summer.

This cat loves this She Shed. So do we!

This heavenly escape is perfect for relaxing with a cup of tea and a book.

It doesn't get more relaxing than this.

She Shed, Tree Shed! We're all on the same page as to how much we love this shed.

This hot-pink She Shed functions as a fashion design studio, complete with a couch and chandelier. Wow!

Do you wish you could nap on the sofa inside of this She Shed? We do!

Your She Shed can be small- or HUGE like this one!

Right outside this She-Shed is the optimal place for a dinner party or date night.

Be sure to fill your She Shed with comfortable furniture for optimum solo relaxation.

This She Shed even has a matching picket fence. So cute!

She Shed or Tiny House? Either way- Adorable!

The real question here is- who wouldn't want their own She Shed?