Create TikTok's Viral DIY Ceiling Clouds With These 4 Products

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A pinch of thunder and a crack of lightning is the recipe for the perfect movie-watching atmosphere, and TikTok is brewing up a storm this Halloween. Since 2020, TikTokers have been putting a spooky twist on the viral cloud-wall trend, creating ceiling clouds that light up in an array of rainbow colors, aka the ultimate Halloween decor. Inspired by her fellow TikTok users, Aurélie Bouti, got to work gathering the right materials to re-create the storm-clouds in her home in France. After a quick trip to the craft store, the finished result was basically the most magical at-home movie-watching experience we've ever seen.

How to DIY Your Own LED Cloud Ceiling

To get started with your DIY cloud ceiling, the basic materials you'll need include LED lights ($13, originally $30), enough poster board or paper to cover your ceiling, copious amounts of hot glue, and multiple bags of synthetic stuffing ($15). Some TikTokers recommend adhering the poster board or paper to the ceiling with a spray adhesive ($15), but double-sided tape ($10, originally $17) and adhesive hanging strips work just as well. Once you've laid down the foundation, stick the LED lights to the ceiling in the pattern of your choice, cover them in the synthetic stuffing, and that's it!

For Bouti, the process took about 12 hours, but it was definitely worth it in the end. Can you imagine watching the latest season of "Stranger Things," freaky horror films, and your favorite Halloween movies with the colorful "lightning" flickering in the background?

There is one catch to this enchanted cloud ceiling: spiders. The lights tend to attract bugs, while the fluff makes for a perfect hiding place for creepy crawlies. But proper maintenance — aka dusting and regular cleaning — can help minimize the presence of tiny intruders. Regular cleaning can also help reduce the risk of potential fire hazards, but taking extra precautions, like avoiding flickering candles and fireplaces, can also be helpful.

If you're up for the task of installing this bewitching LED cloud ceiling in your home this Halloween, catch a glimpse at the mesmerizing finished product.

How to Do the TikTok Cloud Ceiling Challenge

If you think your wall might be a no-go for decor, an LED cloud ceiling is an amazing alternative with the same impressive outcome.

TikTok Cloud Ceiling Challenge Step 1: Add Poster Board

Poster boards and paper are crucial for creating your DIY cloud installation, ensuring no damage to your ceiling while also making it easier for you to take it down if when the time comes. Begin by attaching a layer of your base material to the ceiling before adding the clouds.

TikTok Cloud Ceiling Challenge Step 2: Get LED Lights and Synthetic Stuffing

Next, add the the LED lights to the ceiling using strong tape or velcro to attach them to your base layer.

TikTok Cloud Ceiling Challenge Step 3: Use Adhesive Spray

The third and final step in creating this stunning cloud ceiling is sticking up all the stuffing to create the cloud look. Some TikTokers used adhesive spray, while others used hot glue. To create your storm clouds, you will need several bags of synthetic stuffing, so it's best to stock up. Pro tip: you might need more than you think!

DIY Cloud Ceiling

For extra ambience when watching your favorite TV show, you can begin by attaching your LED lights to the wall. Then continue laying the lights down across the ceiling to create a crawling effect that, much like season four of "Stranger Things," leaves a lasting, ominous impression.

DIY Cloud Ceiling: "Harry Potter"

Around Halloween, a Harry Potter marathon is a must, and the DIY cloud ceiling makes the experience that much more magical.

DIY Cloud Ceiling: "Stranger Things"

Prepare to be teleported to Hawkins during your next "Stranger Things" marathon with your TikTok-inspired cloud ceiling set to Demogorgon red.

DIY Cloud Ceiling: Disney

Not feeling the spooky vibes? Your ceiling clouds will look just as mesmerizing during a nostalgic Disney movie binge.