I'm Ready to Pack Up My Life and Live in a Van After Seeing TikTok's #VanLife Hashtag

If you're at home with the wanderlust bug, let us give you a little something to dream about. TikTok users who've converted their vehicles to homes are sharing their #vanlife travels, and if you're anything like me, your mood will go up six notches just watching their adventures. The videos, which average thousands of views, feature people who've opted for a life on the road, and they sure do make it look lavish. From van makeovers to their daily routines and the great scenery in between, you'll rethink your entire way of living after seeing the way these nomads do it. If you've ever thought about exploring the world on wheels, now's your chance to learn. Simply check out #vanlife on TikTok, and see our favorite videos from the hashtag ahead.