Trader Joe's Is Selling $8 Pumpkin Trees, and I Just Found My New Fall Centerpiece

For Trader Joe's, the month of October is a marathon of releasing pumpkin-flavored and Halloween-themed products that make every Fall enthusiast weak at the knees. From the drool-inducing pumpkin spice bagels, to spooky yoga skeleton air plants, and even a pumpkin spice face mask, the grocery store gods truly know how to take a season and run with it. The latest example? Trader Joe's new pumpkin trees.

Avid shoppers have been sharing photos of the new $8 item on shelves at Trader Joe's locations, and we can't get over how perfectly festive they are. And because we know you're wondering . . . this is not an actual tree that grows pumpkins, it's an ornamental eggplant. The instructions on the product at Trader Joe's suggest cutting the stems, placing the "tree" in water, and enjoying the sweet eye-catching display.

Not only is this new product the perfect indoor seasonal decoration, but it's incredibly chic and an ideal way to brighten up a room. Check out photos of shoppers loving their pumpkin trees from Trader Joe's ahead, and make sure to pick one up on your next grocery run.