Who Needs Roses When You Can Buy Trader Joe's Heart-Shaped Succulent Planter?

Roses are pretty and all, but a bouquet typically lasts, like, five days before inevitably winding up in the garbage. Luckily, Trader Joe's has a much heartier option that'll stand the test of time and express your undying love for that special someone: heart-shaped succulent planters. These crafty plant arrangements feature eight different succulents housed in the cutest tin container that can be reused over and over beyond Valentine's Day (although the OG succs should last a pretty long time if you treat 'em right).

Trader Joe's adorable succulent-filled hearts are currently available for $19 each, which may initially seem a bit steep, considering the store's famously low prices. But if you break things down, it's actually a low-key steal, seeing as one TJ succulent costs around $3, and this arrangement boasts a total of eight plants. Our fingers are crossed for Trader Joe's to continue selling these cuties well past Feb. 14!