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Wabi Sabi Home Decor Ideas

Embrace Wabi-Sabi With These Nature-Inspired Decor Pieces

Image Source: Ashley

Right now, wabi-sabi decor is trending on TikTok, but this traditional Japanese approach to design and living goes much deeper than what your FYP might suggest. The concept is about embracing nature, finding the beauty in imperfection, and valuing simplicity — all of which can make you feel more at peace in your home. A live-edge table, for instance, is wabi-sabi. A carefully handmade, imperfectly round bowl is wabi-sabi. Woods may be weathered or scarred; textiles may become more beautiful with wear and fraying. Wabi-sabi is about accepting impermanence and appreciating things as they are, especially when they're not "flawless." Ready to find some inspiration? Scroll down to see some simply beautiful ways to incorporate wabi-sabi into your home.

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