Pick-Up Pools Are the Coolest Way to Bring the Party to the Parking Lot

Between mermaid tails, magical unicorns, and even emoji, there is absolutely no shortage of creative pool floats for the Summer. But one company is going back to basics and upgrading classic makeshift swimming pools on the back of trucks. The Pick-Up Pool is a thick, vinyl liner that stretches over the corners of your truck to create a family-friendly pool no matter where you are.

Gone are the days of filling your trunk with flimsy tarp only to have the water get all over the place. The Pick-Up Pool encloses your truck bed to guarantee you're never without a pool party and that it all runs smoothly. You don't have to worry about dumping the water out, either; there's a drain valve located by the tailgate side of the pool to let the water out carefully. It's important to first check how much weight your truck bed can carry before inviting the whole crew, and more importantly, you cannot drive the truck mid pool party!

Pick-Up Pools are available in two sizes — 5.5 feet for $250 and 6.5 feet for $270 — depending on the size of your truck when measured inside the truck bed from the bulkhead to the tailgate. While the portable pool party product is currently sold out, more Pick-Up Pools will be available online next month.

Keep reading to see the Pick-Up Pool in action.