15 Things You Didn't Know About the Third Scott Brother

You may have thought that there was only double trouble when it came to the Scott brothers, twin stars of HGTV's Property Brothers. But Jonathan and Drew have an older brother who's taking the world by storm, and he's not afraid to share hilarious Instagram videos documenting his everyday life.

Presenting . . . JD Scott! You've probably already seen him hosting several shows on HGTV or All-American Amusement Parks on Great American Country. Maybe you've heard him spewing witty remarks on Off Topic with the Scott Brothers or other radio stations. Or maybe you've even seen him doing his part as a global ambassador for World Vision alongside his brothers. But if you haven't caught a glimpse of the Las Vegas-based Canadian, prepare to become utterly obsessed, because we've uncovered some fun facts about JD that are sure to make him your favorite of the three. So take your front-row seat as we unveil some things that you didn't know about the eldest Scott brother, including what "JD" actually stands for . . .


"JD" stands for James Daniel

We know that this Twitter user wasn't the only one who had a thought bubble above their head about this one.


He Was a Celebrity Impersonator

AHA! So those were the celebrity look-alikes you've been trying to pinpoint. JD is no stranger to the stage and divulged on the Scott Brothers Entertainment website that he has performed on stage in Las Vegas as both David Bowie and Adam Lambert.

JD Calls Las Vegas Home
David Tsay | HGTV Magazine

JD Calls Las Vegas Home

JD lives in Las Vegas and even inspired brothers Scott and Drew to invest in a vacation home in the city. When building their game room loft, Drew and Jonathan made sure to include some of JD's favorite things, like an old school arcade. "JD is into all this stuff, so the loft was designed with him in mind," Drew said.


He's Lactose Intolerant

JD may know that he shouldn't indulge in some delicious fro-yo, but that doesn't mean he listens to himself! He teases his inner monologue in a Facebook video.


He Got His First Tattoo When He Was 17 Years Old

The oldest Scott brother just might be the most daring! In one episode of Off Topic with the Scott Brothers, JD disclosed that he got his first tattoo when he was in Mexico at the age of 17. He says that it's a compass with a sun and moon, and while he doesn't regret it, he would get it removed because it's in a bad location in relation to his other tattoos.


. . . and He Got 1 Tattoo When He Was "a Little Drunk"

JD revealed on his Facebook page that he was at a tattoo parlor after a couple of drinks. But don't worry — he clarified that he had the ink in mind for a long time and it wasn't a spontaneous decision.


But He's Not Completely Sure How Many Tattoos He Has

JD estimated in late 2013 that he has 10 or 11 tattoos. We wouldn't rule out that some more ink might appear since he explained on his radio show that he loves the art of tattoos and "art never fades" in his book.


JD Is a Self-Proclaimed "Very Good Kisser"

Not that we ever doubted you, JD, but we're happy that you confirmed what we just assumed! The guys really get personal on Off Topic with the Scott Brothers.


Do Not Even Think About Putting Mushrooms on His Pizza

Like the rest of us, JD loves pizza. But he expressed just how much he dislikes mushrooms, aka "fungus" and his "mortal enemy," on Twitter.


His Favorite Hockey Team Is the Vancouver Canucks

Not only did JD attend a Canucks vs. Los Angeles Kings game with his face painted like a tiger (to represent player Dave "Tiger" Williams), but he even sipped his drink with a straw to keep from messing up the masterpiece. That's real commitment right there.


JD Was the Butt of a Joke on the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special

If anyone is going to poke fun at you, it might as well be on SNL! One of the actors impersonating Edward Norton referred to JD as "the third, never-spoken-of Property Brother." But there are no hard feelings here! In a Facebook post referencing the skit, JD declared himself "a true fan" of the longtime series and thanked the show for the years of entertainment.


He Didn't Go on a Train in New York For the First Time Until Just Last Year

JD has traveled around the world to places like India and Australia, but it took a while to get to a New York train — start spreading the news!


JD Loves Watching The Simpsons

Not only does JD praise the latest season of the long-running animated comedy, but he also admitted on Facebook that he's been watching the show most of his life!


He Was Named One of MyVegas Magazine's Top 100 Men of Success in 2014

If this honor is any indication, JD is not going anywhere anytime soon — which is more than OK with us! MyVegas Magazine named the top 100 men who have made a difference in Las Vegas. With his dedication to helping those in need, it's no surprise that JD was recognized on the list. (Jonathan and Drew also took one of the acclaimed spots!)


He Is Subway's Biggest Fan — No, Really, He Loves Its Sandwiches

JD tweeted "I'm your biggest fan" along with an emoji smiley face to the official Subway Twitter handle. That's true love right there. Now the only thing we're wondering: is he more of a turkey or ham kind of guy . . . ?