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Rea Ann Silva Hispanic Heritage Month Essay

I Want to Show the World That Beauty Truly Is Inclusive

Rea Ann Silva is the creator of The Original Beautyblender.

When I started in the makeup industry, I was a single mom, working to provide for my daughter. Being Latina with a young daughter carried an extra layer of pressure. I wanted to show her she could be and do anything, no matter where she came from.

As a makeup artist, I worked my way up the ranks and made a name for myself in the film and television industry by working with actors, actresses, and musicians of all races and backgrounds. For me, makeup was always about inclusion — looking your best while staying true to what makes you unique — but I always strived to be a better role model and to provide a better life for my family. Nothing could stand in my way, and I knew I needed to do something other than live on set doing makeup.

Beautyblender was born out of necessity. It filled a very important need both on set and in my personal life. It would give me the ability to do my job quicker and with more precision, but it would also give me an outlet to earn extra income to help my family better their lives.

Over the years, Beautyblender has amassed countless accolades that I am so grateful for, and I've been lucky enough to be recognized within my industry for my work, but very rarely am I recognized for my background.

Last year I was featured in Latina magazine alongside other Latina beauty business owners who I immensely respect. One thing stood out above the rest: most of these women were Latina movie stars who have culturally been defined that way. They were able to tap into their core fan base and bring them to the beauty industry. I started from nothing and made a name for myself without much help or guidance, and certainly without a fan base.

Suddenly, I was being looked up to as a role model not just because I was a business owner, but because I was Latina. I started being approached by Latina women who told me how proud they were that they could relate to a Latina who came from nothing and made a name for herself while staying true to her values.

Today, when you walk into a Sephora and past a Beautyblender gondola, the beautiful girl smiling with her Beautyblender is my daughter, Erica. This young Latina woman is the face of my brand and is proudly showing the world that beauty truly is inclusive.

Image Source: Beautyblender
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