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Why Beauty Is So Important For Latinas

9 Latina Brand Owners Share What Beauty Means to Them

Why Beauty Is So Important For Latinas
Image Source: Elizabeth Lavin/Courtesy of Regina Merson

Growing up, mi mamá never let me use makeup until I was in high school — and even then, I was only allowed to use undereye concealer, mascara, and a nude lipstick that was almost the same color as my lips. It wasn't because my mom thought I was growing up too fast; she didn't want the makeup to make my acne even worse. The only times I could go all out and wear a smoky eye or a red lip was when I was on stage for a school play or if I had to attend a fundraiser party for our graduating class.

But because I had pretty bad skin for most of my teen years and well into my mid-20s, makeup was my security blanket — that is, until a friend challenged me to spend two weeks without wearing any. In the first couple of days, I mostly kept my head down at work because I was embarrassed by my acne scars and my dark undereyes. And then, suddenly, I didn't care. People hadn't shied away from me when they saw me barefaced or pointed out my imperfections, so why should I hide my face? At that moment, I realized that makeup was not a necessity, but it was my passion.

I was obsessed with all of the beauty YouTubers and Instagram models who rocked beautiful makeup, I was on top of new releases, and I was always the first one to buy the latest palette. To me, makeup meant having a moment in the mornings to hype myself up and get ready to take on the world while wearing my favorite red lipstick. And I'm not the only Latina who feels that way.

I spoke to several Latinx beauty brand owners and asked them what beauty meant to them. Here's what they said.

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