7 Ways to Honor the Great Celia Cruz This Halloween

When it comes to iconic Latinx superstars, it's hard to get much more famous and celebrated than the great Celia Cruz. The Cuban queen of salsa is so beloved and admired that we're not surprised to find she's a popular choice for an easily recognizable DIY Halloween costume. Whether you want to draw inspiration from her carnaval stage or try to re-create her more colorful later years, here are seven ideas for the perfect Celia Cruz ensemble — all complete with the perfect dose of "Azúcar."

For the singer's signature look, you just need a long, bright-colored dress and a blond updo wig. And why not totally copy this idea and add your girlfriends as a badass band?

Adding a few chunky necklaces and bright lipstick completes the costume.

For a retro Celia look, get a short curly wig, midi dress, and bright jacket and shoes. Don't forget to wear large earrings and carry a microphone for extra points.

A ruffled polka-dot printed dress and all the "La Vida es un Carnaval" vibes get the job done expertly.

Celia loved to wear her white-blond hair in an updo. Pair your wig with a classic royal-blue dress, and maybe even recruit a partner to go as your Pedro Knight.

If you can't find a blond wig large enough to create the singer's impressive updo, opt for a curly one. The fluorescent outfit can't be skipped.

Add a headband to your hair and re-create Celia's signature bright makeup to complete your transformation as the icon.