73 Halloween Costumes You Can DIY Without Going Broke

With the clock ticking to Oct. 31, it's time to get serious about your Halloween costume. But you don't need to get that serious. Ahead you'll find 73 easy and cheap DIY options to tackle ASAP. Don't mistake simple for boring — these fun and unique ideas will surely win points for originality at your party's costume contest.


Selena Quintanilla

What you need: Defined brows and red lipstick, a white shirt tied at the waist, and black high-waisted pants — and you're set.

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Regan From The Exorcist

What you need: Hmm, just the makeup above. It's seriously creepy.

Doña Meche From Despierta América
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Doña Meche From Despierta América

What you need: A short auburn-colored wig, a blue uniform, a well-placed mole, and bright lipstick.


Pantene Commercial Selena Gomez

What you need: A white strapless top, a gold bangle and drop earrings, and your hair in curlers. Of course, don't forget to carry a cup of iced coffee.

Dora the Explorer
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Dora the Explorer

What you need: Orange shorts and a pink t-shirt, a bob wig, and, of course, a backpack.


Olive Oyl

What you need: A red top with a white Peter Pan collar (glue some white fabric to a regular top for the DIY version), a black skirt, and your hair in a bun.


The Addams Family

What you need: All-black outfits for everyone in the family (making sure Wednesday is sporting a white Peter Pan collar and Morticia has long black hair).


A Prisoner

What you need: So easy: black-and-white striped everything.

Laurie Hernandez
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Laurie Hernandez

What you need: A leotard and your hair in a tight bun. Bonus points if you invest in a fake gold medal.


Frida Kahlo

What you need: Several pearl-like necklaces, a black shawl, bright tassel earrings, and dry roses.

El Chacal From Sábado Gigante

El Chacal From Sábado Gigante

What you need: A black and silver outfit and mask plus a trumpet will make you #goals. Just go around judging everyone for their singing and dancing abilities in this costume!


La Chalupa From La Lotería

What you need: An off-the-shoulder white top, a large poster board, markers, and someone that can draw.

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What you need: Grab those suede or leather pants we know you have in the back of your closet and pair them with a bikini top.

Rogelio as Santos in Jane the Virgin
The CW

Rogelio as Santos in Jane the Virgin

What you need: A colorful blazer jacket and white pants — duh!

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The Evil Queen

What you need: This makeup, plus a long black dress and a metal choker.

A Selena Gomez Lyric

A Selena Gomez Lyric

What you need: Bedazzle an LBD that makes you feel sexy and you're "a marquise diamond" from Selena's "Good For You."



What you need: Matching suits for you and your very tall partner.

Gerard Piqué and Shakira
Getty | David Ramos

Gerard Piqué and Shakira

What you need: A Barcelona fútbol jersey for him and a curly blond wig for you.


Cruella de Vil

What you need: A white outfit with black polka dots, and some white temporary hair dye.

Soraya Montenegro From María la del Barrio

Soraya Montenegro From María la del Barrio

What you need: Blow out your hair with a deep side part and sport a two-piece suit to get the perfect Soraya look (or just sport the t-shirt version of the costume).


Princess Leia

What you need: No need to buy a real Star Wars costume — just grab a white midi-dress, matching shoes, and put your hair up in two buns.


Pan Dulce

What you need: Buy some fuzzy light brown fabric and create a round shape with holes for your arms. Using dark brown construction paper, create the toasty, sweet part of the bread.

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1960s Mod Girl

What you need: A dress cinched at the waist and a bow in your hair. And this makeup!

Gloria Trevi
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Gloria Trevi

What you need: A leather vest, a patchwork skirt, leather booties, ripped stockings, and knee-high socks.


A Vampire

What you need: A dark outfit, plastic fangs, and scary makeup.


A '70s Disco Girl

What you need: Your highest platforms and roundest sunglasses.

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What you need: That business suit you got for that one job interview and never wore again will come in handy here. Tight white pants with a tucked-in button-down shirt works, too. Don't forget to wear dark sunglasses and your hair slicked back.

'90s Shakira

'90s Shakira

What you need: A choker, long dark hair, and a red crop top — and, of course, a guitar and moody vibes.

A Beauty Queen From Toddlers & Tiaras
Getty | Jemal Countess

A Beauty Queen From Toddlers & Tiaras

What you need: Your puffiest dress (perhaps that prom one you still have in the back of your closet), and a homemade sash that reads Little Miss Supreme.

'90s Thalia

'90s Thalia

What you need: All. Things. Floral. Find a crop top and pair it with short shorts, add flowers to your hair, and make sure to carry around a bouquet with a microphone in it.

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What you need: A white dress and an Egyptian-inspired choker to match this colorful makeup tutorial.

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What you need: A long-sleeved white tee, a red bandana around your neck, brown pants, and a DIY paper hat. Don't forget his iconic mustache.


Madre Monte

What you need: A DIY headband made of leaves, bright green and yellow eyeliner, a bold lip, and all kinds of custom face paint.


A Skeleton

What you need: Like J Lo, just a black sexy dress and the right face paint.

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Elvira: Mistress of the Dark

What you need: A long black dress and lots of colorful eyeshadow.

Gin and Juice

Gin and Juice

What you need: We say you take the "metaphorical" out of gin and juice in Selena Gomez's "Hands to Myself," and carry around a cup labeled, well, "gin and juice."

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Mythical Vampire

What you need: An all-black outfit!


A Hippie

What you need: A fringe top and low-waisted pants with lots of long necklaces and lose waves.


Melting Ice Cream

What you need: A strawberry-inspired wig, and trendy drip makeup.

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias
Getty | John Parra

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias

What you need: Have your partner wear leather bracelets, a cap, and a hoodie — only zipped up halfway. Channel Anna by pulling together an off-duty top model look with beach waves, or just wear a tennis outfit and carry a racket.

Don Francisco and La Cuatro
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Don Francisco and La Cuatro

What you need: A suit and a pink jumper with a crazy printed shirt underneath.

Christina Aguilera in "Ven Conmigo"

Christina Aguilera in "Ven Conmigo"

What you need: Flash tattoos left over from a music festival, silver hoops, a white crop top and pants. Temporary red hair dye will really add on to the look.


A Pop Art Painting

What you need: A fluorescent outfit, white and black eyeliner, bright blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick.


Bob and Tina Belcher From Bob's Burgers

What you need: Bob just needs a white apron and spatula, while Tina needs fake black-rimmed glasses, a light blue t-shirt and a short skirt with tube socks.


Margot Tenenbaum

What you need: A white polo dress, and a fake fur coat.


A Warrior

What you need: Not much. Face paint and a homemade skirt will do the trick.

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What you need: A teddy bear, pajamas, and this insane makeup.

A Zombie
Getty | Christopher Polk

A Zombie

What you need: An old dress and as much black eyeliner as you can manage.

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La Llorona

What you need: Wear a white night gown and show off your makeup skills by following this impressive tutorial.

Early 2000s J Lo
Getty | George De Sota

Early 2000s J Lo

What you need: A bandana, a crop top, and white pants — just make sure everything is bedazzled.

El Chavo del Ocho

El Chavo del Ocho

What you need: Cropped khaki pants or shorts, a striped t-shirt, colorful suspenders, and some laced-up booties.

Jennifer Lopez in "Waiting For Tonight"

Jennifer Lopez in "Waiting For Tonight"

What you need: Wear a pair of tight exercise shorts paired with a fitted spaghetti-strap top, and don't be shy with the body glitter.

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Wonder Woman

What you need: A red dress and the makeup above.



What you need: A cotton minidress and beachy waves and you're Marimar in all her glory.

Betty La Fea, La Original

Betty La Fea, La Original

What you need: Clip-on bangs (if you don't already have natural ones), a pair of dark-rimmed glasses, and a maxi with your brightest colored top and cardigan (or sweater vest, if you're really committing).


A Cat

What you need: We promise no one will judge. All you need is some black eyeliner here.

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Broken Doll

What you need: A high-necked dress and the creepy makeup in Dulce Candy's video.


Shakira as Topo Gigio

What you need: PJs and a matching sleep hat with big foam ears glued in.

Selena Gomez in "Hands to Myself"

Selena Gomez in "Hands to Myself"

What you need: High-waisted black underwear and a push-up bra under an oversize white shirt.



What you need: A curly black wig, black skinny jeans, a band tee, a jean vest, and a top hat — all things you probably own (alright, minus the top hat).


Jack Skellington

What you need: A striped top and scary skeleton makeup.


Romy and Michele

What you need: Your favorite metallic minidress and some attitude — maybe also some Post-its.

A Bride
Getty | Andrew Toth

A Bride

What you need: The perfect excuse to wear your wedding dress again is here.

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La Chilindrina

What you need: A green dress and red cardigan, and this makeup look.

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What you need: A red t-shirt with black polka dots made out of construction paper is the easiest way to this costume.

Evita Perón

Evita Perón

What you need: Grab your quinceañera dress, black-tie wedding go-to outfit, or any '50s-style puffy dress, add a flower as a pin, and wear your hair very sleek and in a tight, low bun with clean makeup.

Queen Letizia of Spain
Getty | Michel Porro

Queen Letizia of Spain

What you need: A crown and a black-tie-worthy royal gown.


A Clockwork Orange

What you need: A yellow sleeveless dress, star stickers, a cat eye and a bright orange wig.