CNCO’s New Video Makes It Hard to Choose Just One “Honey Boo” — but Maybe Natti Natasha Can?

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After a successful TikTok challenge that had fans so ready to hear and see more of CNCO and Natti Natasha's new single "Honey Boo," the day has finally come and the wait was more than worth it. Once again, CNCO (Christopher Vélez, Richard Camacho, Zabdiel De Jesús, Joel Pimentel, and Erick Brian Colon) brought their boyband power to pretty much make us melt with a fun, happy, and sexy song alongside Natti, and a lighthearted music video shot in the streets of Puerto Rico.

"We actually had the song ready about two years ago, we just never found the right time to release it," Joel Pimentel told POPSUGAR. Eventually, the group planned to release it with just the five of them in March, but earlier this year, in a Twitter Q&A, Natti replied to a fan question saying she'd absolutely love to work with CNCO if given the opportunity. The guys wasted no time and sent her the song, and she sent back a track with her voice.

It was meant to be. "We were in Puerto Rico and we took advantage she was also there. We recorded it together and we had a blast," Joel added. "We have so much faith in it, we think it'll do very well."

The video was also shot in Puerto Rico, and it shows CNCO on a seductive chase after Natti. They're seen walking and dancing on the streets and entering different businesses, like a hair salon, to finally end on a basketball court, where we realize the chase — although flirty — was sweeter and friendlier.

"When we were shooting the video, the five of us would step aside when it was Natti's turn, and we'd just stare at her, because her energy would draw us," Erick Brian Colón said. "We had a great time. It was very hot, and there were fans watching the process. The vibe was super cool."

That feeling translated into the end result, which will be hard to pause once you start watching it. It helps that the song is super catchy and makes you want to bust out a move or two. "The intention with this song now more than ever is to bring a little happiness to everyone at home," Zabdiel de Jesús said. "The cool thing about this is that everyone can listen and feel the energy that we put into this, and hopefully it will be enjoyed at home, and at least bring out a few smiles."