These Dogs Dressed as Frida Kahlo Are What You Need to Get a Smile on Your Face

Frida Kahlo's elaborate flower crowns, unapologetic unibrow, and colorful outfits are much re-created every Halloween. They are definitely unmistakably Frida and make for a fun way to honor your love for the Mexican artist. But if you've already dressed up as Frida for more than a few Halloweens and it's starting to get old, might we suggest your best furry friend takes on the task of celebrating your icon this year?

Just take a look at the photos ahead. It's the combination of the drawn-in unibrow, floral headbands, and adorable clothes that has us wanting to dress up our four-legged friends as Frida. We literally can't get enough of these pups and the different looks they are wearing to show off their Frida love.