People Are Waiting in Line For Hours to Get Flamin' Hot Cheetos Elote

Whether you're a huge fan of Mexican food or you just occasionally like to indulge in some chips and guac, there's something about elote that makes regular corn just taste too *regular*. Between the delicious cream, cheesy flair, and unique spices, it's safe to say that once you go elote you never go back. Well, our favorite Mexican side just got an upgrade and we're not sure elote will ever be the same. Cobs have been covered in Flamin' Hot Cheetos dust, been topped with creamy sauce, and, most definitely, blown our minds.

Swirl Fiesta, located in Riverside, CA, is actually a frozen yogurt store, but its segue as a Mexican snack shop has instantly taken off thanks to this creative elote. In addition to the Flamin' Hot Cheetos flavor, the shop offers original elote, Dorielote (Doritos-flavored), Takielote (Takis-flavored), and Tostielote (Tostitos-flavored). If your taste buds are tingling like ours are, you better act fast! Swirl Fiesta has become so popular that reviews on Yelp claim that people are waiting up to two hours for this next-level corn. Keep reading to see photos of this flavored elote, that is, if you can handle the flame. `