13 Fragrances Your Mom Will Love Spritzing

POPSUGAR Photography | Emily Faulstich
POPSUGAR Photography | Emily Faulstich
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Chances are your mom has a signature scent she loves spritzing every day — let us guess: Amarige? Jean Naté? Charlie? Or maybe it's a celebrity creation. But don't let the fact she has a favorite fool you. Like any true perfume fan, that doesn't mean she wouldn't love to add another lovely aroma to her rotation.

These 13 Spring fragrances are perfect to wrap and give this Mother's Day. From light and ocean-like to smoky, look ahead to find what's sure to become her new favorite spritz.

Diptyque Florabellio Eau de Toilette ($90)

Notes: Apple blossom, sea notes, sea salt, and roasted coffee beans

Miu Miu Eau de Parfum ($90)

Notes: Lily of the valley, rose, jasmine, and bergamot

Kate Spade Walk on Air Eau de Parfum ($95)

Notes: Lily of the valley, linden blossom, bergamot, and jasmine