18 DIY Frida Kahlo Costumes to Honor the Artist This Halloween

Even 64 years after Frida Kahlo's death, the Mexican artist continues to be an icon of unconventional beauty and creativity. If you're looking to honor the world-renowned Mexican painter with your Halloween costume this year, here are 18 ways to do it without missing a detail of Frida's traditional Tehuana style.

Additional reporting by Alessandra Foresto and Celia Fernandez


Start by shopping your closet! Floral dress? Check. Frida's classic floral headpiece? Check. Your costume is ready to go!


You might think going as Frida means lots of clashing colors, but this Instagram costume shows that's not a must. Choose one shade for your hair flowers, lipstick, and shawl.


A true fan of Frida Kahlo, this Instagram user layers multiple necklaces like the artist herself.


Devious Maids actress Sol Rodriguez's Frida Kahlo costume involved several easy-to-copy pearl-like necklaces, a black shawl, bright tassel earrings, and dry roses.


Sometimes your Halloween costume is all about your makeup. This girl used bright pink lipstick and a dark brow pencil to re-create Frida's beauty.


Frida proudly embraced her unique facial features (unibrow, mustache, and all!) and embellished her outfits with bright flowers and statement jewelry; historians speculate she wore long skirts to mask her right leg, which was mangled by childhood polio. This Instagrammer effortlessly achieves each element of Frida's style. A helpful equation for you: braided updo + flower crown + floor-length skirt + chunky jewelry + dramatic unibrow = Frida Kahlo's look.


We think this real girl nailed Frida, using a lei (which can be found at most party supply stores) as an accessory for her braided updo, plus a beaded necklace, bright top with a colorful Mexican-style shawl, and a penciled in, full unibrow.

The Instagrammer includes a favorite Frida quote with her caption: "Me pinto a mi misma porque soy a quien mejor conozco," or "I paint myself because that's who I know best."


Many of Frida Kahlo's paintings display skulls and symbols of the dead. Pay tribute to her art by combining Frida's love of skulls with Disney's movie Coco to create this stunning makeup look.


Channel Frida by wearing Frida! Shop Amazon for cool earrings or this adorable mug — just in case anyone didn't get the reference from the dark brows, dramatic lip, and headdress.


Wear a shawl with a print that resembles a painting itself, and match it with your eye makeup for added glam.


Brazilian travel blogger Ludmy Paiva (even if you don't speak Portuguese, you should check out her blog for its gorgeous photos) looks exactly like Frida, with the help of long beaded necklaces in bright colors, bohemian earrings, and a shawl around her shoulders — an additional wardrobe staple often present in Frida's portraits and paintings.


For a cool twist on the classic Frida look, wear a feathered top instead of a floral one.


Use large fake flowers from the craft store for a unique twist on Frida's braids-and-buns hairstyle, and pair it with a vibrant blouse and fun pearl necklace. We're willing to bet the artist would be proud of this fan.


The best accessory to any Frida costume is having Diego by her side! Guys can get in on the costume fun by copying this look with a white shirt and suspenders, plus a painter's palette and brush.


Of course, no Frida Kahlo costume roundup would be complete without an appearance from Beyoncé, who masterfully brought the Mexican artist's look to life a few years ago with a colorful frock, statement earrings, and braided 'do with flowers. If you'd prefer to skip penciling in Frida's signature unibrow, go for brushed up, exaggerated dark brows like Bey's.


Take the more simple route, like this Frida fan, with large jewelry, overdrawn eyebrows, red lipstick, and a flower crown.


If you're looking to go over the top with the flower crown and skirt, then take a hint from this fan who couldn't look more like an elaborate version of Frida Kahlo in clashing colors.